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Comment Re:tethered via adhoc wifi will do the job (Score 1) 395

What is quite a lot more amusing is to watch someone claim a feature that is significantly less useful for the user is in any way a mark of "superiority". Just because it has a nicer technical design does not make it superior if the end result to the user is inferior.

That's the thing that technical minded people on Slashdot continue to find elusive, this notion that technology exists to serve people and not the other way round.

Significantly less useful? Lower prices and earlier availability seem pretty useful to me. Besides, he wasn't saying that people should choose CDMA phones. He just said that the protocol itself was superior to GSM because it supported data without additional hardware. That has nothing to do with implementations of that protocol or whether Verizon > AT&T. Perhaps people should refer to carriers instead of protocols when they want to make comparisons like the one that started this thread.

Comment Re:There is a well tested method for that (Score 1) 433

Not that I don't agree that some companies make change management more than it needs to be (mine does it OKAY), but I bet the guy I knew years ago who changed a drive on a RAID-5 array had thought about testing and rollback. You see, he received the replacement drive late in the day, ran into the data center, popped out a drive, popped in the new drive, and went home. Sadly, he had pulled the wrong drive.

That made me feel a little ill. Like that feeling you get when you dream about being in a car accident.

Comment Re:Alcohol "causing" crime (Score 1) 393

If I could, I'd live in a dry county. It drives away the people who need to have intoxicants to survive.

Yeah... when the US made alcohol illegal in the 1920s all the drinkers just moved to Canada. It certianly didn't suddenly make a large percentage of the population criminals, divert tons of resources and money to enforce it, and of course it didn't make the mob rich.

I think you need to move out of your neighborhood into a nice gated community that doesn't allow those pesky lower class people in.

For the record, I don't drink.


If you don't like the way some people live, don't associate with them. It's nobody's job to make sure you're only surrounded by like-minded people. You don't have a fundamental right to not be offended by the words or actions of others.

And what's stopping you from living in a dry county? I'm sure there are communities of people out there who abstain from drinking. If it's that important to you, find a way to make it happen.

Comment Accountability (Score 5, Insightful) 277

Where is the accountability for this kind of thing? Is it a matter of the information not being readily available, or is it just that people don't bother to do the research and find out just who is lining their leaders' pockets?

When a presidential candidate simply speaking about not taking money from lobbyists is considered a "bold move" by many in the media, it becomes terribly difficult to have faith in any of our political leaders, at least for me.

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