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Comment Re:#notallgeekyguys (Score 1) 1198

I think it's pretty telling that you dismiss claims based on the body of his writing, focus down only on the piece that fits your narrative, and then accuse people who disagree with you of trying to fit things to a pre-held position.

As far as "a product of our culture", that's just nonsensical. This kid was clearly seriously mentally ill. He absolutely IS a one-off. Severe and pervasive narcissistic behavior is not something that can be instilled by society at large in an otherwise healthy person. Mental illness is not simply a matter of degrees, it's a fundamental failure to react to external stimuli in a rational way. You're trying to ascribe cultural guilt to a single disturbed person, but reality just doesn't work that way.

Comment Re:#notallgeekyguys (Score 1) 1198

His narcissism is sexually driven, to my eye, and a result of his deeply held belief that women owe him sex because he's better.

I don't think I regard your opinion very highly, given that you're confusing the manifesto you _claim_ to have read with the youtube video that you're actually quoting from. I can see the problem just fine, but I don't appreciate people excluding large portions of what's happening in order to emphasize their pre-held position.

In fact, I've seen several women say as much -- that this tragedy proves that misogyny hurts men, too.

Then presumably you've also seen the people objecting to those statements and claiming that any attempt to talk about anything other than women is "men feeling left out"? Because even the statements you've made here would generate some hate on Twitter. In fact, try posting some of what you put in this post under "#YesAllWomen" and see what kind of response you get. I'm guessing something like this:

#YesAllWomen because the #YesAllPeople tag is essentially about men feeling left out. How does it feel? Not good? Wow would never guess

Comment Re:#notallgeekyguys (Score 4, Insightful) 1198

Ok, let's have this conversation. I'm assuming you've actually read a decent portion of his writing, since you seem to support the claim that it reeks of misogyny, and that you're not just parroting back claims from a bunch of people trying to fit it to a narrative (who haven't read it themselves either) right? It's available here if you haven't:

So let's talk. The boy clearly shows signs of blatant narcissism. In the first couple pages he brags about having visited 4 countries by the time he was 3, as if any child that age could gain anything meaningful from that experience. He goes on to describe a facile and warped world view, including how much joy he took in excluding his arch rival (a boy) from his 6th birthday party, classifying being denied entry to a roller coaster ride at 7 because of his height as "an injustice", and overall demonstrates a clear love of power, money, and status in settings that have no bearing on gender whatsoever. Where's the misogyny there?

He talks at length about how he refused to get a "low class retail job" because he's "an intellectual who's destined for greatness." He decides he'll be a screenwriter for about 2 weeks until he realizes they don't make much money, and then bails on it. He takes a college class, but quits halfway through because he's physically disgusted by the site of a happy couple sitting together every day. He took a janitorial job out of desperation, then quite after 5 hours because it was so beneath him. Where's the misogyny there?

There's a lot of misogynistic expression as well, of course. At one point he tells his mother that she should "sacrifice her happiness to secure his future" by marrying a rich guy she only wants to date. And yes, there's a lot of ranting about how women ignore him. But if you actually read even a little bit of it, it becomes very clear that this is a fundamentally delusional person no matter what gender he's talking about.

If you actually look at what he says, it's clear that he feels entitled to EVERYTHING. Not just women, but money, power, respect, friendship, and luxury. He's clearly not able to connect well with other people, and he basically viewed women as a prop in the perfect life of adoration that he felt he was owed. Is that misogynistic? Certainly. But taken as a whole his delusion was no more misogynistic than it was hateful of the entire human race indiscriminate of gender. Hell, he even killed twice as many men as women.

So then why is it that the outcry over this tragedy has immediately become slanted towards "violence against women!! men are terrible!!" The kid had horrific attitudes toward literally everybody around him, and was clearly an entitled little shit in every aspect of his life. In his world view all women were sluts and all men were intellectual nitwits and brutes, and NONE of them deserved to live if they got in his way. He outright said as much. Yet the social reaction to this not only emphasizes the effect it has on women, it actively EXCLUDES people from talking about the effect it has on men, and implicitly tries to lump all men in as perpetrators of the distorted mindset that Elliot Rodger had toward the world. It's divisive and bigoted, and frankly it's fucking disgusting.

Comment Re:Over 18 (Score 4, Interesting) 632

False. I made a mistake on my taxes 5 years ago and forgot to include a $17 capital loss. They sent me a letter saying they disagreed with my filed taxes, and that they owed me $17. Then a check. I was too lazy to cash it, and they've been relentless in trying to return my $17 ever since. tl;dr: they care about following the law, not taking your money.

Comment Re:Crashplan (Score 1) 983

I restored something like 350GB in smaller files, and that all went smoothly. It seems that it generally DOES support resuming. But for some reason, the 50GB file just keeps restarting in the middle. My guess is actually something weird about the FS interaction or the output buffers they're using, but who knows for sure. It's taken about 2 weeks of back and forth on a support ticket to get them to even _mention_ that they might eventually need to hand this off to Tier 2 support. Everything else about the service has been pretty good, but this is a pretty big downer.

Comment Re:Crashplan (Score 2) 983

Watch out for Crashplan in certain cases. I'm currently trying to restore a 50GB file, and it keeps restarting the download halfway through. Their support is useless, basically leaving it at "sorry dude, nothing we can do". For other files it's been good, but their testing and support of edge cases doesn't seem especially solid.

Comment Sarcasm? (Score 1) 1

If you took 10 seconds to read the source, it would be clear this is obvious sarcasm. Good lord, this is one of the dumbest stories to hit the /. front page in a long time.

I'd also like to point out that trying to ban DRM at this level is stupid. Certain publishers are going to continue to want DRM protection before they allow their content onto the web, regardless of the fact that every DRM scheme out there is functionally useless. Trying to block it by prohibiting the technology will only lead to many competing and poorly implemented technologies. At least let's have a standard so we can stop playing whack-a-mole with technology, and start the real discussion: convincing publishers that using DRM is NOT NECESSARY rather than NOT ALLOWED. That's a much easier conversation to have, and one that companies like Amazon are already having success with.

Comment Re:The problem is not... (Score 1) 876

Programs are getting too complex for humans to understand

That's just silly. I have yet to see a programming problem that couldn't be made to wind up looking dirt simple by factoring out abstractions and reusable pieces. The real problem is effort and attention span. A lot of people see a complex problem and give up, instead of looking for the first black box sub-system they can factor out.

Comment Re: The more simple you make it the less complex i (Score 1) 876

There's a very specific set of concepts that's easier to express on the command line than in traditional programming languages, and it's pretty much entirely limited to processing streams of text. Which is nice, and it's great that this is easy to do. For what it's worth, a lot of programming languages have string buffers that can operate much like pipes to let you code in the same style internally.

However, text streams as a foundation for coding break down really quickly. Command line pipe "programs" basically require that all the data you care about be represented as a series of lines of text at every point along the way, and while that representation is very powerful for things that fit the model, it becomes a giant pain in the ass to use it to write logic that doesn't fit well.

Some newer languages are adding things like lambdas and comprehensions to move closer to this style in certain cases. And while they're nice, they're really just syntactic sugar. The fact remains that programming needs to be able to operate on variables and objects in ways that stream processing just can't do. The Unix command line paradigm is a specialized tool, while procedural/functional/OO/aspected programming is a much more general purpose one.

Comment Re: Not if you work for the Commonwealth of Kentuc (Score 1) 426

Desire works the other way too. More employees are available in the city because people want to live there, so the company has to go where the people are. And there are likely many companies competing for employees in the same field, so they have to pay competitive wages, which people generally view as accounting for cost of living.

Anyway, theory aside, the trend right now in a lot of fields is for there to be a marked cost of living differential reflected in salaries. A job that would pay 60k in Des Moines, IA pays 100k+ in any city on the west coast, and more like 120k-130k in NYC.

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