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Journal Journal: The Novell Journal! 3

Dear friends and others,

if you are a Novell fan, let your voice be heard - in this thread! I want to know how many Slashdot readers have a Novell background (and loving it) like myself.

I worked for years with NetWare and then certified as CNI, also got a MCNE etc. I still think Novell has the top technologies in fields like directory services, netrwork management, protocol stack, file access and caching and storage tech.

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Journal Journal: What the hello is going on with Slashdot? 2

Is it me, or is Slashdot become a pile of hibernated molasse, i.e. did it really slow down to a crawl? It sure feels terribly slow in the past few days.

I don't see or didn't see any announcement that they would be doing changes to the infrastructure/servers and that we can expect problems.

It almost looks as if Slashdot had Slashdotted itself.

EDIT: december 24th (2002), by now most of the quirks have ended, but not all and not all of the time. I still get a timeout on Slashdot, from time to time, but very seldom. I still wish I knew what has been going on.

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Journal Journal: Crazy idea, but is it doable? 14

I got a Thinkpad 600X, which I truly like. It's an outstandingly well engineered computer, taking usability into consideration. I like the keyboard, the TrackPoint, the build quality and the looks.

Now, I use this computer basically only at home. It's connected to a VGA CRT display 99% of the time, and the TFT display is just in the way. So, I thought I would remove it, and use it just to cover the keyboard from time to time. Note that at the moment, the TFT is under the CRT (the ThinkPad is on a scrolling keyboard holder) gathering dust.

But I wonder if anyone has had any experience trying to remove the TFT/LCD display from their Thinkpads, possibly non-destructively?

thanks in advance. If noone did, eventually I'll figure it out myself, but it's much, much better to learn from others.

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Journal Journal: Let's start using the journal 4

This is my first journal entry. I have a few ideas on how to use it, but I hope to get more and more as I go.

BTW, does anyone know if the contents of a journal expire with time, or with number of entries?

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