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Comment My 5 (Score 1) 25

1 - Librarian Archaeologist, I'd like to find the lost works from Antiquity (like the complete Satyricon). They're out there, it's just that no one has found them yet.
2 - Factory owner, I'd like to know that I was MEASUREABLY contributing to the wealth of the world. It'd be a good factory with no one at minimum wage with donuts and salad for everyone.
3 - Conductor, if talent could be taught and not just not-inherited.
4 - Underwear model or professional streaker.
5 - A reg'd engineer (IRL goal).
6 - Bonus job - coder, but not smart enough for that job.

Comment An insiders note (Score 1) 7

Chrysler had a town-hall meeting about two weeks ago. They called in all their employees and announced that while to all appearances and reason they must fold, they had decided that they wouldn't, and that they were going to work their remaining employees exceptionally hard, and that they were going to do all in their power not to go under. They have apparently cut all their projects except the top two or three most promising ones, and as far as negotiations with the unions - they are out of the job bank (the job bank is where when you lay a worker off he sits round the house on his loathsome spotty behind at 80% of his pay while he 'finds' another job).

So yeah, Chrysler may go under, but now it won't happen due to the present management, they'll just be overwhelmed from the past.

GM on the other hand had accountants sent by the Bush Admin to prep them for bankruptcy. The name of the game being "not while I'm in charge (I can't say president). So you may be entirely right about them going under.

Comment I respectfully disagree by 1 level of consequence (Score 1) 27

I think it will fail because it is the product of a planned economy.
Let's not forget that there is no difference between a planned economy (i.e. Communism, Auto Bailout) and government corruption which places a monopoly in charge and leaves no competition. The reasons you describe are simply a consequence of the cause of corruption.

ubuntu FTW

Comment The problem is that you are entirely right (Score 1) 11

about the Big/Little Three.

The other problem is that the US has now exported ALL of it's industries, if the car companies go, there will be nothing left. There won't even be toolmakers to make guns and weapons should the US ever be attacked. It has ripped it's industrial heart right out and is now desperately staving off collapse.

If the big three do go down, and should by any measurement, it will be the effective end of the US economy and of the US world power. Congress has now got itself into the position of being a servant to any incompetent or corrupt CEO of the auto industry, they can do whatever they like and congress MUST support them.

In other news Chrysler is only staying afloat by emptying itself. Remember the other day when they laid of 3400 workers? Apparently 7600 took the bailout package, including almost all of their white-collar staff. Their brakes division, the brakes division of an international automaker, had 1 person left in it, and another department (or perhaps that one, the rumors are unclear) had 1 contract worker left. This past Monday was the first day when no one showed up for work and apparently everything has ground to a halt. So the looters have now destroyed Chrysler, the other two are following.

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