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Comment Re:Probes AND Humans (Score 1) 90

A geologist on the surface of Mars would be far more scientifically productive than 100 probes.

This is repeated often, but is there any evidence to support this? And if you could put 100 probes on Mars for the price of a single geologist, what then?

It seems like an easily testable hypothesis. We can test it right here on earth! Just build some probes which are limited to Mars-like performance, drop them in one of our more Mars-like environments, and monitor them remotely through a comm delay to make communications Mars-like. We can reasonably deploy several geologists around the site for comparison.

Comment Dumb discussion (Score 1) 128

Here's why. None of it matters.

Let's talk about analogies. Remember the Manhattan Project? Probably the most significant intervention of geeks in all history. Started off with some busybody physicists and a letter from Einstein. They were convinced that they were doing a good for all mankind by contributing to the destruction of the Nazi state.

The problem was, Hitler was defeated before their bomb came to fruition. Then, some people started getting cold feet about the use of the device. Regretting their intervention in the first place, even.

General Groves' and Oppenheimer's recollections of the project talk quite a bit about prima donna scientists. What should be obvious is that they put up with the geeks for about as long as it took to get what they wanted, and then told them to go fuck themselves.

Leo Szliard found out that his opinion was worthless, as was the opinion of every one of the geeks. The politicians and military had firm control and weren't interested in power sharing or criticism. And the bombs got dropped on civilians.

The takeaway from this is that on climate change, the only time the geeks get listened to is when the politicians have a good reason to make common cause with them...mostly when the goals are congruent. The moment the congruence ends, the geeks get told to go fuck themselves. This mostly means election year pandering with no action. So, therefore, arguing about this is moot. Nothing is going to happen.

Comment stents and lithotripsy (Score 2) 98

Mine was a 8x7mm stone, not huge but large enough to block the ureter. The pain was excruciating. It's like nothing else - i've had women who went through multiple labors grade the kidney stone as worse. Dilaudid touched it nicely during the 4 days in the hospital, but I required dosing every few hours and I wouldn't have been able to do anything but sleep on that. When they tried percocet, it was taking 20mg every 4 hours and that wasn't touching it. I would arch my back above a bed because resting on the surface hurt.

Since the pain is caused by the blocked ureter, the solution for me was a urinary stent shoved up my urethra and then manipulated into the ureter. It keeps the urine flowing and instantly relieves the pain. But, you have a stick inside you, and you know it every time you urinate (or move). More uncomfortable than anything else. Also, if you have never pissed blood, it's very unsettling - every time they would mess with the stent or do a lithotripsy i'd piss blood for a day or two.

I required four lithotripsies (going under each memory was for shit that summer) before the stone finally broke up and passed.

Do not recommend kidney stones.

Comment Re:Biased article! (Score 1) 128

You do realise that in most cases this would require them to kill themselves. Most warmists talk a good fight, but if you asked them to give up their cars, air travel or air conditioning, they'd refuse.

That describes many of them, sure. But we don't actually have to give up any of those things, just improve them all. Well, maybe cars. Cars are just stupid. Also, you don't get to complain when people do the things they need to do to be a member of our dysfunctional society as long as they're at least asking for change, and perhaps voting for it as well. Our society is built around the car. I want that to change, but I'm still going to drive places I can't reasonably get to any other way.

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 2) 312

You also have different groups of people that ignore sports as a way to get ahead entirely. They decide to go to college in order to get ahead or start a business in order to become rich and famous.

American blacks are an intensely anti-intellectual demographic versus Pakastanis.

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