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Submission + - Google and Facebook Can't Just Make Fake News Disappear (

mirandakatz writes: It makes sense that people are pointing fingers at Google and Facebook, demanding that they come up with a silver bullet for fake news: The two companies have an effective monopoly on online information flows, and because centralized systems proved able to somewhat curb spam and SEO, it seems that they should be able to stop this problem, too. But fake news is a much bigger problem than something like spam, and no one company is going to be able to just write a program that "fixes" it. At Backchannel, danah boyd writes that "I don’t want to let companies off the hook, because they do have a responsibility in this ecosystem. But they’re not going to produce the silver bullet that they’re being asked to produce. And I think that most critics of these companies are really naive if they think that this is an easy problem for them to fix."

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 135

2014 called -

Forget Makerbot - did you warn them about the Paris attacks? The Ankara bombings? The Metrojet bombing? Did you tell them to have Robin Williams visit a psychiatrist? Did you tell them to have Carrie Fisher visit a cardiologist? Did you have them warn Ukraine not to underestimate Russia in Donbass? Did you tell Germanwings to up their game on psych evals? Did you tell them to teach Podesta basic email security? Did you tell about Brexit? Did you warn them about Trump? Did you have anyone tell Clinton that she'll be best known for email servers and a conspiracy theory about a pizza parlor's occult child pornography dungeon? Did you warn Bowling Green about the horrific terror attack, and the cruel irony that people will forget about it?

Comment Re: Nope (Score 2) 135

Is it really that expensive? I know some people who had run a small startup automaker that raised 30-something million. They were about 3 months out from first commercial deliveries (having made a couple dozen prototypes to various degrees, ranging from empty shells to full builds), with about $10m still left in the bank - when the board decided to bring on a guy from Detroit (Paul Wilbur, the guy responsible for the Chevy SSR, and a bunch of other train-wrecks-in-car-form), who then proceeded to run the company into the ground.

Are aircraft that much more expensive than cars, that you can't even build a demonstrator for that kind of money? To be fair, the automaker's vehicle was technically classified as a motorcycle, so their regulations weren't as onerous as for most cars (but they still did full crash and crush tests anyway, voluntarily). But, I mean, they just churned out prototypes one after the next.

Comment Re:MapReduce is great (Score 1) 132

I work with (multi-terabyte, not multi-petabyte) GIS databases. I am also a Haskell programmer (though not for my day job) so MapReduce doesn't scare me off at all. It's very hard to see how MapReduce specifically would help large-scale GIS.

The main benefit of MapReduce for most problems isn't the programming model, it's the principle "move your code to where the data is" in a way that's agnostic to precisely where the data is. When you have big data, you need to do that. Precisely what that code does is a secondary concern.

Comment Re:Not hard to fix... (Score 1, Interesting) 507

That will not work. You are misunderstanding the major issue - which is the same for low skilled workers as high skilled workers.
Employers do not want to pay the wage that americans demand for doing that work.

Their is a simple solution that WILL work. Create a new type of visa/ green card, called an A10 Visa (or whatever) The rules are simple for the A10.

1) The US will give out unlimited number of A10 visas to anyone that is legally allowed to visit the US. Anyone that wants one can get it

2) A10 Visas come with a number similar to a social security number, but starts with the letter A. When you get work with an A10 Visa, your employer is required to pay an additional 10% of your salary directly to the Federal government.

3) Any state may (or may not), pass a law adding a state tax equal to up to an additional 15% income tax on top of the Federal Tax.

4) Anyone, including foreign workers, can report someone hiring foreign workers but not paying the A10 taxes. Should the employer be found guilty, the reporting person (which can be the worker) gets a set fee of $10,000, and the employer goes to jail for a minimum of 2 years.

Note, currently H1 Visas tend to get paid about 10% less than Americans doing the same job.

End result - American workers do not need to worry about illegals costing the country money or stealing jobs - unless those jobs pay so little that an American won't agree to do them for 10% more than the foreign workers get.

If the state (I'm looking at you South West), thinks this isn't enough, they can up it to 25% - and suffer the resulting lack of foreign workers who head to California and other friendlier states.

Comment Trump's plan to fix H1B's. (Score 1) 507

I think we have a pretty good picture of what it will be like based on his health care proposal.

1) It will somehow involve a multi-hundred billion dollar tax cut for the top 1%.

2) It will somehow remove u.s. workers protection from being replaced by H1B workers.

And no.. I'm not joking or being sarcastic.

Comment Re:Poor business (Score 1) 392

What you describe is the rational for the "Audience" score part of Rotten Tomatoes. It is assumed that people that like Superhero movies are more likely to see a Superhero movie, particularly early enough to rate it.

Otherwise there is no little reason to accept random people's review of a movie when the critics review is available (with the exception that proves the rule of movie that targets critics, i.e. that piece of crap "Hail Caeser" which was entirely devoted to in jokes about 1950's movies, hence the movie obsessed critics thought it was hilllarious while the rest of us said eh).

Submission + - Supermassive black hole rocketing out of distant galaxy at 5 million mph

The Bad Astronomer writes: Astronomers have found a supermassive black hole barreling out of its home galaxy at 5 million mph. The 3 billion solar mass behemoth formed from the merger of two slightly smaller black holes after two galaxies collided and themselves merged. The resulting blast of gravitational waves is thought to have been asymmetric, causing a rocket effect which launched the resulting black hole away. It's currently 40,000 light years from the galaxy's core.

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