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Comment Re:Jalopnik has been covering this... (Score 2, Insightful) 749

I'd still need to see some citations. Brakes "totally burned through" takes a *long* time or *really* crappy brakes, you certainly aren't going to burn through a perfectly good set of brakes on one drive. If your throttle opens up and you brake to bring yourself to a *stop* your car will stop. Brake fade could have certainly occurred, it only requires the brakes to get extremely hot, which generally means long periods of brake use. Coming to a stop from highway speed isn't a long enough period, otherwise you'd have a ton more accidents at the bottom of long hills due to fade.

Now, the acceleration issue could still be the cause if the drivers used the brakes to keep the speed in check for a while instead of bringing the vehicle to a stop. I won't claim that the accelerator faults aren't part of the problem, but proper driver education and response to the sudden acceleration would have prevented many accidents.

Comment Small hands demo (Score 3, Funny) 237

Did anyone else notice in the demo video that the hands on the person were freakishly small? I think Google is trying to tell us something:

ChromeOS is not for manhands.

That's right folks. Forget your hopes and dreams of manhandling the ChromeOS, this OS isn't for you. It's designed and built for those with small hands. Midgets, small children, and perhaps rodents will be able to use it. But not manhands.

Draw your own conclusions. I think that googlers are looking for people who have small hands, like women. Then the googlers will have a source of information on available women with which they can actually take on a date. It's quite an ingenious plan.

Comment Re:Epitaph (Score 1) 272

On the one hand I fully agree with you. Don't complain if your computer is not working with the latest software/websites/hardware if you don't bother to keep it up-to-date.
On the other hand sometimes you don't have any other choice, as you might not be in the position to change the OS.

I am a working for an insurance company (one of the BIG ones), and all PCs in our agencies in Germany are still running Windows 2000.
The company's failure to have a proper upgrade strategy in place, it's NIH syndrome combined with the lack of (well trained) software developers and it's officialism caused massive delays in rolling out a sucessor platform/product.

Luckily they finally started this year with the roll-out on all agencies PCs - ie. manual install of a new OS and apps, and we're talking about 8000 machines ... that process should be finished by Q4.

Oh BTW, they're updating to Windows XP.

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