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Comment Re:Never was a reasonable conversation (Score 1) 195

When you have measles, it is exactly the same as walking around town with a handful of hypodermic needles, injecting random passers-by with viruses.

How far does that argument extend? Should everyone be required to get all available vaccines, no matter how ineffective and how many risky side effects they have?

The HPV and Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccines now mandated for school children certainly bother me on that front. The first is only a sexually transmitted disease which shouldn't be possible to spread on school campuses. The latter is a rather mild disease for children, while getting the vaccine puts your child at risk for potentially more severe side-effects.

Comment Re:Miss FF 3.6 already? (Score 1) 51

Because the proliferation of pages is not due to repetitive viewing of the same sites, it's due to a tree traversal over the pages linked from a starting page. Sooner or later, I plan to be finished reading them all and close the vast majority of the tabs without any intention of reopening them later.

Comment Re:The Saudi government is barbaric (Score 1) 127

Just this week a U.S. President tried to veto an overwhelmingly popular bill that let U.S. citizens sue Saudi Arabia for their role in 9-11. So it seems a bit premature to declare their influence in American politics dead. Though it is an encouraging sign that at least Congress has the balls to stand up to them at least a little now--though only when the public overwhelmingly demands them to.

Comment Re:Password fatigue (Score 2) 171

going to do a quick count of how many pwds I deal with at work: ...
I have 49 separate pwds I need to know to do my job.
of those *several* are in a one-note file that is on a secure server so others with the same need to know can remain synchronized.
Three or four of these also require a SecurID or similar token.
Only two are committed to memory.


Comment Re:SJW (Score 1) 127

...except these social justice types lose any sense of perspective and end up supporting absurd things, repressive regimes, and leaders that support or benefit from repressive regimes.

Liberals kind of jumped the shark. These days they excuse all sorts of nonsense that the classic civil rights movement would have nothing to do with.

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