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Submission + - Supercomputer Cools Off Using Groundwater (

gManZboy writes: "The Department of Energy is no stranger to supercomputers, and its Pacific Northwest National Lab has proven that it can continue to be an innovator in the field by using what the lab calls a unique groundwater-fed cooling system in the lab's newest supercomputer, Olympus.

The novel cooling system translates normal groundwater into big savings for the new 162 teraflop supercomputer, which is being used in energy, chemical, and fluid dynamics research.

The setup translates into 70% less energy use than traditionally cooled systems."


Submission + - Google Fiber work hung up in Kansas City (

alphadogg writes: When Google announced last spring that Kansas City, Kan., had landed the tech company’s much-pursued super-speed Internet project, the company gushed about the local utility poles. Now it turns out that differences over where and how to hang wires on those poles, and what fees or installation costs may be required, have created a troublesome bump in plans to launch the project.

Submission + - iPhone workers still sick after chemical poisoning (

swandives writes: "Chinese workers who suffered chemical poisoning after being exposed to n-hexane on an iPhone production line are still experiencing health problems, even though Apple reports "all affected workers have been treated successfully" in its most recent progress report on its suppliers. n-hexane is a chemical cleaning agent that was used at one of its supplier's factories in Suzhou, China."

Submission + - Employee Termination Procedures 3

RoyaleA writes: I've worked in the IT industry for 8 years and for whatever reason I've never had to deal with a disgruntled employee that either quits or is terminated. It just happened last week. This employee was a VP, so they had access to a lot of company data (client information, financials, etc). Now, I like to think of myself as paranoid when it comes to keeping records of everything that goes on since I still have access log files from 2003, but I'm wondering what exact procedures other SysAdmins take when dealing with this. It's a small company (10 client nodes, 2 servers) so there's no real policy in place to go by. So far, I've disabled the account on the LDAP, disabled the employee's website credentials, archived all of the access logs to an encrypted flash drive, and cloned their old PC to an offsite backup machine. Being a responsible admin, I need to there anything I'm overlooking? This employee was pretty pissed off...

Submission + - Company resells Open Source Software (

sylphsama writes: "A company named "IllusionMage" deceptively resells a 3D open source animation package ( and claims it as their own. The software, dubbed IllusionMage, portrays flagrant similarities with Blender, although outdated compared to the original. The website itself is a patchwork of sorts, using renders from different users and numerous other packages as a way to impress its visitors. Not only is that a breach in copyright, but they intentionally hide that the software is distributed under the GNU GPL license, rendering it free to use. Here's their website: The Blender Foundation itself has spoken out through its chairman Ton Roosendaal."

Comment The NFL at its best (Score 3, Insightful) 560

Face it, the NFL are brilliant. They are not about football. They are about revenue. They had two goals in mind when setting out on their broadcasting endeavor:

a) Sell high-cost adspace
b) Get people to care about the adspace

Now you hear people always saying "I watch the superbowl for the commercials!" Mission A-Ccomplished NFL. Was that enough? It's never enough. So the last 10 years have been their attempt to make more money by becoming some of the biggest douchebags in the IP industry.

"That's the thing about greed, Arch, it's blind. And it doesn't know when to stop" -- Lenny Cole

Comment It will NEVER catch on. (Score 2, Insightful) 178

Never. I'd love to believe that this will be some great new leap forward, but it is just a massive mis-step by a company trying to find new revenue streams. BR adoption is tepid at best, and that doesn't even exclude most of the population by requiring special glasses. It's always been a gimmick and nothing more. 3D offers very little to the viewer and certainly not enough to warrant wearing glasses for every movie you sit down to watch. Majorly flawed.

Comment coral cache (Score 3, Interesting) 418

Comment Re:Well Then (Score 1) 754

Is the 'pain' part really reflexology?

I've always been skeptical of the claims about curing diseases - which is what I really understood as reflexology - because I haven't seen any consistent evidence.

But the idea that applying localized pressure relieves pain seems sensible to me, and matches my own anecdotical experience (anecdotical by population size, but has been consistent). For that matter, so does a good movie or a deep conversation.

Focused sensation distracts from 'normal' sensation, and it is easier to focus on sharp, local stimuli over dull, distributed discomfort or pain. Never thought it had much to do with reflexology - although I could see how it could support its less ambitious claims.

Comment Re:Oregon's Final Report on Milage Taxes (Score 1) 792

Actually, the equivalent single axle load (ESAL) is 0.000019425 for the Fit and 0.0007716 for the F-150 (assuming equal distribution on axles). So really that F-150 does over 39 times the damage the Fit does. To be fair though, that's nothing compared to semis for which the legal single axle load is 18,000lbs for an ESAL of 1.0. Either way though, it doesn't take away from the fact they are doing the same amount of damage by traveling the same number of miles they were previously, and paying less to do so which is the entire point of the VMT tax. ESALs explained.

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