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Comment "Growing Demand"? (Score 4, Insightful) 524

Putting aside yet another "WE NEEDZ MORE WOMENZ IN IT" crap, did anyone else think "H1B" when they read "growing demand?"

Companies are already doing everything they can to bring in cheaper talent. The "demand" in question has nothing to do with the number of competent and trained talent, but rather the number of competent and trained talent willing to work for peanuts. Encouraging more domestic IT/programming workers to enter the field will only exasperate that, regardless of their plumbing.

Comment Re: Still a justice failure (Score 4, Insightful) 79

They did not succeed in their stated aims, but that is not the same as "failed". I'd hazard these douchebags were happy with the message that they sent.

The only "fail" condition for these officials would have been some form of punishment up to and including deprivation of the roles and responsibilities as government agents.

They basically threw some shit at the wall to see if it would stick. It didn't, but it did leave a nice stain, and they're free to do it again and again in the future.

Comment Confirmation bias (Score 1) 126

-Customers who pay more for their phones report higher satisfaction.
- This is likely because high-cost phones perform better. (Editor's note: no duh)

OR it could be that they spent more so they feel they must like it more. This is actually pretty common, especially in the higher end markets. Common and exploitable.

Bet these very same owners say the phones sound "warmer".

Comment Re:yes, and? (Score 1) 122

Everyone has their price.

Let's play a game. Would you eat a dog turd for 20 bucks? If you're like most people, you just had a "are you fucking kidding me? That'd be disgusting!" moment. You saw the amount I threw out there, but it was so low that you didn't give it a second thought.

Now, what if I asked you if you'd eat a dog turd for 20,000? Bet you're considering it. 200,000? Even more so. 2,000,000...20,000,000... well, you get the idea.

Let's bring this back around to the samsung situation; they hoped to control the dialog, and in order to do that they need to control the news reports. If they could have gotten this guy on the payroll, it would have lessened the PR damage. They were already on the hook for the recall, they had to have known it, but perhaps they were looking to salvage the brand name.

The only fault I have with this behavior is that they misread the situation and lowballed the guy. Some dumbass manager probably pulled the "penny wise pound foolish" card.

Comment Intransigent (Score 2) 284

unwilling or refusing to change one's views or to agree about something.
synonyms: uncompromising, inflexible, unbending, unyielding, diehard, unshakable, unwavering, resolute, rigid, unaccommodating, uncooperative, stubborn, obstinate, obdurate, pigheaded, single-minded, iron-willed, stiff-necked
"the regime remained intransigent in its opposition to wider participation in the political process"

...because I had to look it up. :D

Comment Re:Stop treating this like it were binary (Score 2) 332

A valid point, absolutely. Power does corrupt, and any reaching for it should be met with the utmost suspicion ( trump, hillary...but that's another discussion entirely ). Cameras go a long way in addressing that, and I don't wish to be perceived as discouraging their use. I'm a huge advocate for 24/7 recording of any on duty public official, cops especially.

Likewise, I'm a fan of citizen education. I want citizens put through the same threat neutralizing course that officers are. I want them to understand the tactics of a situation, of how fast unstable can become violent. Have them go through file footage of past encounters in their community for reference.

Then, those very same citizens can sit down with officers and they all can decide on dept policy.

Comment Re:Stop treating this like it were binary (Score 1) 332

Cameras, while effective, are a bandaid solution. The tensions are still there, only now we have a measure to prevent abuse.

I'm not saying they shouldn't be used, mind you. Absolutely should cameras and other recording devices be used. I'm even an advocate of private citizens having the right to film any officer while they're on duty.

However, a longer term fix is for cops and their detractors to come together and determine how best to handle the threats their communities face. Start with the goals, then move on towards addressing those goals. All parties must be willing to participate in the process, but with egos being fueled by the politicians, no one wants to budge.

That's the real problem.

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