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Comment Re:How efficient is hydrogen really? (Score 1) 198

This goes back to the OPs original post. You can have two pressure 'sources'. Pressure from heat and pressure from molecules. With pressure from heat you need to transfer the pressure as quickly as possible because your efficiency losses to the walls of the chamber are greater. In a wankle engine that expansion period is much shorter. I think this is the way you get greater efficiency with water injection in a piston engine, you convert a portion of that combustion temperature to gas.

Comment Re:Automated Driving Racing Series (Score 1) 136

Tire wear and brakes overheat.... gas is burned and the weight of the car changes. Some cars will just be running faster than others, so the programmers will want to take advantage of that to win. Also the cars would have competing algorithms and settings, so there would be much more variability than you think. And once the tech was sufficiently advanced they will be running with human drivers in something like the 24 hours of lemans.

Comment Re:F1 is an advertsing business (Score 1) 136

It's clear that you don't understand the first thing about auto racing. I am not suggesting people will come out just for automated racing, it is simply a matter of adding a class to an existing series. And no matter what you think, racing would provide tons of useful data to automation developers.

Comment Re:Good Way To Ruin Brand Name. (Score 1) 136

This is one of the reasons I think Tesla designing a self driving car is a bad idea. The leading software is going to be transferable to any other car maker... the I/O is going to be standard across automakers. If things eventually go the way they do in software industry the Tesla will end up with Bosch, Apple or perhaps Google autopilot in it. So what is the point of sinking all that money into Tesla autopilot and taking all the liability risks?

Comment Re:The more efficient a system gets ... (Score 1) 108

It would be fine if the central bank, leading economists, politicians would acknowledge this. Deflation can be good if it is accepted and prepared for... But instead it is 'full steam ahead' and they are pulling out all the stops to avoid it, which will make the effects deeper and more profound when they happen.

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