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Comment Re:Everyone is dirty.... (Score 1) 406

Would you say though, that when the New York Times posted old version of Trump's tax returns, that they were influencing an election? And this is with data that was stolen too.

I hate both candidates, let me be clear. Both have despicable character, do not appear trustworthy, and come with baggage.

Any useful information about either candidate will influence the election. What the Embassy should have said is that he was influencing an election in a way they didn't like. Or at least, in a way that someone with power in Ecuador doesn't like.

Comment Re:Clintons have killed tons of people (Score 1) 706

So there may be some stories in that list that are not accurate or are exaggerated. I appreciate your investigating some of this.

My thoughts are, if maybe a handful out of these actually have some substance, then this is worth looking at.

Next time I won't pick the first result on a google search... But I still find it relevant.

Comment Re: Somebody's getting a beating tonight (Score 1) 596

Detecting the failure should be easy, I agree. Could be done with simple analog circuitry or in the digital domain.

I can tell you that in my car there exactly three wires going to the accelerator pedal. And since that is the only place I am inputting the desired accel, this is where a redundant sensor would need to go. I'm sure on the gas engine side there are sensors on the throttle air/gas mixture block, so this would show what the engine actually did. And I would imagine the state for the cruise control is recorded too. But from a "person's foot command" point of view, only one sensor.

Comment Re: Somebody's getting a beating tonight (Score 3, Insightful) 596

If it's like my Honda Civic, "drive by wire," then there is a simple sealed variable resistor installed at the pedal lever. If one wire fails, the encoding ADC will either swing to the top or the bottom of the range. There really isn't a "throttle body" in an electric car.

So it is still possible that the throttle encoding circuit/wires failed and the computer logged a "full press" even though it wasn't pressed at all.

If it actually logged 512 or whatever the max is, I wonder if a normal press of the pedal could have achieved full scale? Maybe.

Comment Day already ruined (Score 1) 224

Their day was already ruined when they chose to operate a military-style operation at the hands of an OS primarily designed for video games and Facebook.

If they "didn't know better" then they were ill-prepared.

Sadly, yes, the U.S. Military had a fair amount of windows in their operations, but they can afford the Microsoft tax to get customizations that others can't.

Comment Re:Are you new here? (Score 2) 224

The fact is, unix and linux comprise 90% of the consumer "computer" market these days. There's Mac OS X/iOS and Linux/Android. The only devices running non-unix-like OSs are genuine windows PCs.

And the other fact is, there were multiple GUI shells before MS-Windows, even on the PC. The GUI as we know it mostly came from Xerox, which Apple copied followed by Microsoft. I would never claim though that any one of these agents is solely responsible for the GUI.

You are correct though about Microsoft and their vision for future products. Destroy, start over, destroy, start over...

Comment Unlikely to work (Score 1) 340

Unless these chips somehow share the antenna of the Bluetooth or 3G system -- which is unlikely as the wavelength is vastly different -- you would only pick up the strongest of signals.

I agree though that having a basic analog receiver in every phone could be very handy in emergencies and in rural areas where low power FM is normal and 3G/whatever isn't.

Plus I would just like to use it for music and news.

Comment Onion-like (Score 5, Insightful) 328

Ten years ago this would have appeared to be a post from The Onion. I can't believe this is really happening.

I dumped Windows 3.1 for Mac and later Linux, and I haven't really looked back since. Sure I bump into windows now and then, but I don't feel like I've missed out on anything.

But this takes the cake. How ridiculous can you get? They must have seen the writing on the wall and decided to go out with a big hurrah.

Comment Get a job (Score 3, Interesting) 255

Seriously, get a beginner-level job. Write some code for cheap, even for free. Maybe meet a mentor or two while you're at it.

Or if you're a student, march into some department's office that needs programmers (not comp-sci, but something like aerospace engineering where they need programmers and they can't program that well). Offer to help with some professor's project and see where it takes you.

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