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Comment Re:What if you're part of the firefighting effort? (Score 1) 170

The original article in security shows that this is only for civilian use. Military and firefighting use of drones is exempt. However, it was silent as to whether police use was permitted, as they may stray into fire operations areas and incorrectly use drones to "find crimes", which is not the role of the military and firefighting units (translation: don't trust cops).

Comment Actually it's an app drone users must use (Score 1) 170

If you go to the original security milspec descriptions, you'll find it's an app that all drone users must use if they are operating in or near wildfire warning areas, whenever the fire threat level is above a certain threshold.

Not checking the app means you will be fined or jailed.

It's up to you of course.

Comment Re:Always use a "clean" phone when travelling abro (Score 1) 318

This is a wise move. Best thing to do is buy a clean rental phone in a safe city/country in the region you're going to, and never use it for anything important. Never use public wi-fi. Never use "secure" wi-fi at any hotel, the Chinese and Russians and Saudis and Israelis will root it. Never leave any electronics out of sight. Ever.

Comment Re:String theory is just that: a theory (Score -1) 160

But we just proved it doesn't exist. The missing mass exists.

But not the dark matter.

Hence, my theory is just as valid, that EM has both mass and is a wave, and we're just confused little podlings who will have to go back and adjust our theories again, as we did over and over and over.

Remember, at first we didn't think light bent due to gravity.

Comment Re:String theory is just that: a theory (Score 0) 160

Right, a theory. But if you can't count it, can't measure it, does it really exist?

Or, alternative concept: is it aether? Could light and other EM waves have mass? We used to think light was a particle. Then we thought it was a wave. Now we "know" it's a particle and a wave. What if all electromagnetic waves are both waves and have mass? If infinitesimal, the vastness of space makes millions of light years of area of space contain a lot of infinitesimal waves.

Just as valid a theory, since we've disproven dark matter mass by experiment.

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