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Comment Re: Oh well (Score 1) 185

There are always winners and losers. What amuses me is how you pretend you like birds, when what you really like is not having to do fuck all, and passing the buck to the next generation. And how many species do you imagine will get driven to extinction by spiraling climate change over the next century.

Comment Re:They are chickenshits (Score 1) 42

In part be because it's a horribly corrupt country run by crooks, and in part because it is a petrostate whose economy is largely dependent on oil sales, and because it's run by plundering thieves, there's no sovereign wealth fund, so low oil prices means economic collapse. Furthermore Venezuela cannot hope to raise money because their only friends are other poor Latin American countries, and wealthier investors wouldn't extend them credit.

With the exception of China, which will probably end up owning the country before it's done.

Comment Re:Bluecoat (Score 1) 71

The root certs in question were not widely deployed and were revoked long ago not that that excuses the CA from issuing them.

It could still be useful if someone were to extract them on one of the few deployments in existence.....
Just because the cert has been "Revoked", does not mean people are not still running around with hardware or software that will trust it. Because many applications don't even bother to check for revocation, example: Firefox doesn't check CRLs, instead they have their own proprietary CRL service that only bothers with high-profile site names --- too much latency would be re-introduced by turning proper revocation checks back on.

Comment Re:DMCA doesn't work on patents (Score 1) 26

This is true, but an enterprise with an infringed patent would likely find some kind of Copyright claim to make in order to file a DMCA letter.
Then if the infringement claimed in the DMCA letter were disputed by the offender, the lawyers would bring up Both the copyright AND the counterfeit goods, trademark, and patent infringement issues.

Comment Laumerlicious stuff (Score 1) 343

Chris, know what else would make a superb movie from Laumer? The Long Twilight. That book is awesome fun.

It has superhumans, aliens and alien artifacts, AI constructs, alien empires, broadcast power, several quite different levels of plotting, alternate history, near-future tech, military aspects of various ages, a love story, revenge, reconciliation... and it's all reasonably doable, movie-wise.

Any Laumer fan who hasn't read it... I highly recommend it.

Comment Reminds me of where I work (Score 4, Funny) 61

Every other month it seems, we get an urgent notice from IT reminding us to either uninstall or update Flash.

Unfortunately, I have to have Flash installed on my work computers because the corporate-required "training" courses that they keep on making us take require Flash - such as the one on "information security" about how important it is to keep our software up to date.

So, basically, I have to have Flash installed so I can tick off a little checkbox that says I know not to install software like Flash.

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