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Submission + - Apple removes ESC key new Macbook "Pro" (theverge.com) 2

fyngyrz writes: The Mac "Pro's" ESC key, used by many at the console / shell level, has apparently succumbed to overwhelming... courage. Er, design intent. Yeah, that's it. You have to admit, Apple is brave. No console-friendly person will be happy with this. I suspect that will be true to a degree where they'll be happy with... something other than a Macbook "Pro." BTW, those aren't "scare" quotes. Those are "no, wrong word" quotes. I could have gone with "pro[sic]", but... oy. Oh. And hey. You didn't want function keys, did you? Of course not... Okay, one hopes these missing features will at least sometimes, possibly, appear on the new touch bar, there to blunt the ends of your fingers as they use a key-striking habit to stomp on a touch surface.

Comment Re:Simplicity can only go so far (Score 2) 349

"Been able to right click for decades.... Why do you guys that have zero experience with a MAC keep trying to bring that fake piece of info Up?"

Decades? Sure, you've been able to right click in OSX for as long as I can remember.

Sure. Just not with the mice apple sold you.


From 1983 to 2005 all apple sold was one button mice. The 2005 mighty mouse was the first one that actually had a 'right click'.

That said the mighty mouse/magic mouse being multitouch devices with capacitive touch continued to make right clicking far less discoverable to users than a typical PC mouse which clearly had 2 clickable surfaces, one on the left, and one on the right.

And that continues even to today. And frankly the apple might/magic mice are utter garbage; designed for people who spend more time admiring their mouse then using it.


Comment Re:Reminder: CO2 is good, not bad, for environment (Score 1) 321

The jump here was you invoking a talking point I suspect even you know moronic.

Do you seriously think plants can just magically absorb vast amounts of CO2? If you do, then you are an idiot. If you don't believe it, then why repeat a demonstrably ludicrous meme?

Comment Re:Reminder: CO2 is good, not bad, for environment (Score 1) 321

Water is beneficial to human life, therefore I urge you to tie rocks to your feet and jump in the deep end. By your logic, you'll become healthier by the second!

I mean really, are you that fucking stupid? Just because plants benefit from CO2 doesn't mean they have infinite capacity to absorb it, or that the other effects of higher CO2 concentrations won't undermine any good it might do to plants. Among the moron anti-AGW talking points out there, this must be the surest sign that the person saying it is a fucking simpering halfwit.

Comment Coming Soon! (Score 1) 349

Future Macs will have no user interface at all. You will get a flat gray cube with an Apple logo on it that will have no interactive capability. However, you will be firmly nestled in the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion field, fully aware that, no matter how utterly worthless the overpriced cube may be, your status as a hipster is secure.

Comment Re:Why do you think that? (Score 1) 321

The American Midwest will have wetter winters and springs, but summertime temperatures will rise considerably, leading to drought like conditions which will harm many crops. These effects will be moderated towards the north end, but will also mean shifts northward of arable land. The problem being "northward" means Canada.

Comment Re:It'll only get worse (Score 4, Informative) 130

I'm glad I don't use AT&T and dropped Verizon a few years back. Can't be sure, but I bet CREDO will be very unlikely to do this sort of thing.

Credo is an MVNO running on the Verizon network. Therefore, Verizon can do exactly the same monitoring of your calls as they do with those of their own customers.

Comment Re:Reminder: CO2 is good, not bad, for environment (Score 1) 321

No, I never said rainforests would disappear. Some areas that receive lots of rainfall will continue to see lots of rainfall, and in fact will receive more. But other areas will become more drought prone, and parts of North America that are currently arable will be, or already are, in that zone.

It's you who has no idea how rainfall works.

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