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Comment Re:Let's Face It (Score 1) 114

That's funny, I'm using a touch keyboard now, and I can still spell correctly.

Not at any appreciable speed, I am fairly certain. Touch typing is fast, while swiping is slow. So slow that auto-completion becomes an important and integral part of swiping.

Some companies tried that with word processing for touch typists too (long before swiping was invented), and almost all typists turned it off. With touch typing, you could finish a word much quicker than it took to look at the suggestion and accept it.

Comment Re:Provide this at the state level (Score 1) 114

Since education isn't mentioned at all in the Constitution, I think it's pretty safe to say that the 10th means it's not something the Feds have any business doing....

Anything that directly affects an individuals ability to pursue happiness is very much a federal issue.

Comment Re:Good start (Score 2) 114

In very few fields, even science and technology, is an accurate understanding of evolution even remotely helpful.

Au contraire, an understanding of evolution gives a strong advantage in pretty much any field. Whether it's programming or economics, understanding how successful models gain a survival advantage, while the weakest are more subject to predation is more than remotely helpful.
Competition and death is inevitable, and you become more successful by embracing it than fighting or ignoring it.

When deciding what programmers do, evolution plays a part on a daily basis. You want to refactor code? Unless something is detrimental, leave it in. You have two different ways of doing things? Use both if you can, and let time decide which one is best; you may be surprised that it's not always the fastest or most elegant code. You have some spare time? Have individuals compete instead of collaborate. Let the worst projects fail - don't spend a major effort rescuing them.

Similar for any other science. Use your knowledge of evolution. It is a scorekeeper and happens whether you like it or not. So use it to your advantage. Embrace the principles; don't fight them.

Comment Re:Provide this at the state level (Score 2) 114

These sorts of programs should not be Federal.

Now I'd like to hear some logic behind that claim.

I can only see detriments. When states pick, the result will differ between them. That leads to unequal opportunities depending on where you were born, and as many gaps between haves and have-nots that divide further as gaps that close. Or more, because there seems to be a strong correlation between the overall poverty of a state and how reluctant it is to support science.

Now if there were evolution for states, I'd be all for it. Every year, force a random poor state to dissolve and be amalgamated with its neighbors, and a random rich state to split in two. Then, doing the right thing would be rewarded by survival over time.
But alas, the competition isn't between the states, which survive no matter what, but between humans, who too often lose because of their state not giving them as good opportunities as other states.

Comment Re:It's a shame (Score 2) 59

It's a shame that superbugs don't disproportionately infect darkies. I would support any type of superbug that mostly infects niiggers, kikes, or towelheads. It's a shame that a strain of HIV hasn't evolved to be carried by white women, but infecting only niigger bucks that attempt to rape the white women.

Mr Bannon, you're needed in the Oval Office.

Comment Re:Sorry. Do you not have this???? (Score 3, Interesting) 59

I mean seriously? Do you not have a mandated system of reporting super bugs, infectious disease breakouts, and other nasties?

This is the United States of America, and I'm sure there are tons of congressmen who have taken lots of money from the health care industry to block any such regulation. The same congressmen who push laws that investigate women who've had miscarriages because of the possibility that they were really self-induced abortions.

Here in Texas, there's a woman doing 20 years for aborting her own baby. We're a nation governed by savages who wrap themselves in "God's Will". Here in Texas, it's easier to open a gun superstore than it is to open a free clinic for women.

Comment Re:IANAL, but (Score 2) 505

doesn't the hard-working small business owner, who is now getting death threats and business disruptions, have a really good libel case?

I don't know how you go about suing a Reddit user called, "u/DumbScribblyUnctious" but there have already been legal actions filed against certain websites that pushed the stories.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 3, Informative) 505

The MSM has basically taken to saying "this is false" without bothering to actually explain anything. The NYT did a little, but kind of ignored that the images came from the jimmycomet instagram (not random places on the web...).

Literally none of the story is true. Not only did the whole thing start as an online hoax by pranksters, but the images in the supposed Instagram are from people who "liked" the pizza restaurant's page. None of the "FBI charts of code words" are from the FBI. None of the information that the #pizzagate morons point to is true. It is 100% false.

Here is a comprehensive, detailed rundown with citations on the history of this hoax and whether a single fact or assertion about pizzagate has been proven true or is possible to be proven true:


Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 2, Informative) 505

HOLY SHIT! You fell for god damn fake news. You think you're so fucking smart. Good Job, you fuckin uneducated moron.

That reminds me. Trump's nominee for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development also believes the pyramids were built to store grain and the mummies were just put there to act as scarecrows.


There's also an embedded video of him actually saying that in case you think this is also fake news.

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