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Submission + - Former ONDCP Exec admits agency works w/o data (

glarbl_blarbl writes: "In an article on The Huffington Post, Former ONDCP Strategist John Carnevale states:

Though Congress created ONDCP to formulate research-driven and performance-based policy, assess and modify policy through performance measures, and give a precise accounting of the federal drug control budget, ONDCP fails at all of those tasks. In the 90's ONDCP created a performance measurement system for evaluating the effects of its policies on drug use, drug availability, and the negative consequences of drug use; however, this decade, no such performance measurement system has been utilized. As a consequence, policy is now flying blind resulting in lost opportunities for more success.

Carnevale, who is responsible for the creation of the above-mentioned 'performance measurement system', offers the following recipe to fix America's Drug Problem.

The central task of ONDCP — and what must now become the central political debate — is determining how best to combine and fund the five essential ingredients of drug control policy: prevention, treatment, domestic law enforcement, international or source country programs, and interdiction.

I understand why the people who actually work at the ONDCP don't consider tax and regulation (they are required by law to oppose any movement toward legalization anywhere in the country), but how can someone with a Ph.D. in Economics get away with advocating the continuation of such a huge and destructive black market?"


Submission + - New Drug Doubles Endurance in Mice.

glarbl_blarbl writes: The New York Times reports that researchers at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology in Illkirch, France have isolated a new drug which doubles the endurance of mice by increasing the number of mitochondria in their cells. Perhaps George Lucas wasn't so far off when he came up with midichlorians as the scientific explanation for Jedi abilities? ncecnd.html

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