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Comment Re:Saddest = Nokia (Score 2) 179

Don't confuse Nokia handsets with Nokia. Nokia itself is alive and well and had about $25 billion in revenue last year. The handset business was spun off to Microsoft because Microsoft was willing to write a big check. Making money on handsets is pretty hard if you don't have either a walled garden store (Apple) or make the actual components like processors, memory, screens (Samsung). Otherwise margins are very thin relative to Nokia's actual network products aimed at carriers.

Comment Re:Shell games and double talk (Score 2) 135

All of Google's employees in Spain are paying taxes. I'm sure there are a dozen other way that Spain is getting some Euros out of google. They're just not getting as much as they would like. Spain is trying to maximize the tax revenue, Google is trying to minimize the tax expense. Normally that wouldn't be a problem but tax law is so complex that there are wild differences between that min and max based on buying things in the right places, registering things in the right way. If tax code were simpler the difference between the min and max would be smaller and people wouldn't get so bitter about this shit.

Comment Re:Not News (Score 3, Informative) 72

This is true even of over the air digital TV. A digital signal has to buffer to the next I-Frame before it will start playing, and will never change as fast as an old analog TV. TWC might have worse delay than usual depending on their multicast / unicast setup and whether they are using D servers for quick channel change and where those D servers are located.

Comment Re:How much of this is about data (Score 1) 64

The major carriers collude with the US and UK and allow them to just connect directly into the 10GigE payloads as they come out of the equipment in the landing stations. Nothing but commodity network equipment involved. Theoretically FB and MS could prevent that if they own the cable.

Comment Re:In Seattle... (Score 1) 180

if you're selling 75mbps on a monthly account the cap needs to be 75 * number of seconds in a month

You can get that, but you'll be paying closer to $1,000 per month. The only reason normal people can afford retail internet connections is because they are oversubscribed. The wholesale cost of bandwidth is counter-intuitively many times more expensive than the retail cost.

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