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Comment Processor Technology SOL-20 (Score 1) 857

Bought in the fall of 1977 IIRC. Had an 8080A running at 1MHz. With 48K of RAM, the thing cost $1850 at a time when low-end cars were like $1995. Used to like playing Target, but the Star Trek game was impressive too. Getting game sound through an AM radio placed near the motherboard was cool! (Yes, that was by design.) Also got a Computalker speech synthesizer board and turned the SOL into a text-to-speech talking terminal with software I wrote in 8080 Assembler. Followed by an Amiga 500, then an Amiga 1200, then an Amiga 600. Then finally in 1995, a Packard-Bell running the brand-new Windows 95... and so on.

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