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Comment Rudd? Working on becoming Cameron's successor? (Score 1) 69

Seriously, Cameron was awesome when it came to finding blunders and jumping right into the middle of them. Actually the Cameron is the SI unit for the minimum distance between two blunders.

Is Rudd really trying to outdo the grand master? It's not easy, but she's very obviously ambitious and willing to put her mind to it. Or ... well, whatever substitute she has.

Comment Re:The solution is also a problem (Score 1) 158

Identity verification is not necessary for moderation. It is simply necessary to give new users a probation period during which their posts are invisible until cleared by a moderator. This -- and moderation in general -- is labor-intensive, but labor is the difference between a forum and a dumpster fire.

The echo chamber effect happens when moderation goes beyond preventing abusive and uncivil behavior. Most community moderation systems tend to fail in this way, especially on political blogs. There's an old saying about management that a fish rots from the head down, and this is just as true for moderators as it is for any other kind of management.

Maybe AI will eventually automate this but, for now, if you want a fair, unbiased forum full of polite, well-informed participants, you need human moderators with those same qualities putting in time and effort. It's not magic, but it is hard work, so we rarely see it.

Comment Regression to the mean (Score 0) 158

In the "old days" (like 1991 or so), the Internet was mostly populated by smart/talented people tied to academics or the computer industry and most discussions seemed to reflect this bias in user population -- well educated, professional, etc.

Now it's much more reflective of the general population, which is all too often stupid, mean and reactive.

Comment Is this meant to be SDN or just more proprietary? (Score 1) 49

Are vendors so stuck in the hardware device sales mode that we will never see generic switch form factors where you load the switching/routing software into the device like an x86 box?

I would kind of expect one of the chipset vendors to come out with what amounts to an x86 rackmount with bus-attached switching modules, kind of an expanded version of a multiport NIC but with programmable ASICs for speed.

From what I've seen of the Dell N-series (which mostly seems to be rebranded OEM Broadcom) boot sequence, it's kind of what the hardware already is now. The only thing missing is the ability to load up third party operating systems.

Comment Re:Long Game (Score 1) 100

It's a bigger uphill climb for Microsoft because there will be an expectation of x86 usability when docked, and x86 developers can't be bothered to target Windows mobile due to low adoption -- plus many corporate applications are pretty full stack x86 environment and if my experience with in-house application development is any sign, most places lack the bandwidth, horsepower and ability to crank out mobile versions of these apps.

Docking mobile phones seems more obtainable to Android and Apple due to their closed ecosystems and fairly early consolidation around more portable dev environments and APIs. I would expect a Macintosh application to be much more easily ported to iOS. Plus these platforms can smell growth if they can sell docking devices to people who just don't care about x86 compatibility.

Comment Re:Headed there? (Score 1) 319

Major media has not yet learned all the lessons of this.

TFA makes a point that people consider the information credible if it comes from multiple sources. But the multiple sources might all trace back to a single source. Imagine if FoxNews could be clever enough to create several different major cable news channels that all propagated the same lies. Now people are hearing those lies from multiple sources. That turns climate change denial from a nutjob conspiracy theory into an alternate fact.

If people are presented with strong arguments that are diametrically opposed, they will tend to think there is a genuine controversy. Especially if those doing the arguing seem genuinely sincere and passionate.

Two points of view:
1. The sun rises in the East.
2. The sun rises in the West.

Now which is correct? Teach the controversy! Or, some people might conclude the truth lies somewhere in between the two extremes. It seems highly improbable that one of these extreme points of view could be correct. After all, so many cable channels with the same parent company as FoxNews are arguing for the other extreme point of view.

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