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Submission + - The Prerapture Party Almost Here (

ginbot462 writes: Maybe hoping to get the jump on some of the 2012 crowd, a Christian group united by their Family Radio patronage are about to approach their scheduled doomsday: this coming Saturday, May 21 2011. CNN has been following them around, but apparently on the appointed date, they won't be able to be with the team leader Fred Store because "they needed that time to focus on their relationship with God".

Submission + - April Fools Test 1

ginbot462 writes:

PB8 noted that Google Googol Gilgamesh Gesus has been following all the kinect hacking innovation stealing time-wasting projects that have been floating around the net, and decided to use motion moron sandwich CowboyNeal detection along with a rich visual vocabulary including common gestures and American Sign Language to accelerate your gmail time. This is going to require a bit of a change in my email composition since normally I use those gestures middle-fingers thumb-bites hair-pulls to vent frustration.

Submission + - Harry Coover, Super Glue Inventor, Passed Away

ginbot462 writes: Harry Coover, Super Glue inventor, dead at 94,.

I just read some sad news on CNN — Super Glue inventor Harry Coover was found dead in his Tennessee home this Sunday. There weren't any more details. I'm sure everyone in the Slashdot community will miss him — even if you didn't enjoy his work, there's no denying his contributions to popular culture. Truly an American icon.

Just used some yesterday.

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