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Comment Re:Simple solution (Score 2) 384

How can the training data be biased if it's sampled to get a uniform distribution? What if the horrifying reality is actually that the the biases are pre-existing precisely because they've always modeled relatively closely the actual data? What if people actually aren't born equal and there is a genetic component? If that is the case, how can that ever be resolved by "fudging" the training data? Doesn't this just amount to sticking one's head in the sand?

Comment Re:Finally... (Score 2) 312

But only white people can be racist. Racism = privilege + power. Only white people have privilege, whereas the People of Color lack privilege and social power. Therefore it's impossible for a Person of Color man to be racist. We must unite against all racists and purge them from our society. It's the only way the future will survive.

Comment Re:In other news many racists change their tunes.. (Score 5, Funny) 312

I agree, because only White people can be racist. Racism is privilege plus power. We need to stop racists from being able to do damage by programming software. They should be restricted from accessing Github and learning how to write software. We should round up all White programmers and scrutinize their political beliefs so that we can eliminate the poison that is racism from our society. It's the only way the future will be free from racism.

Comment If race doesn't exist, how is this possible? (Score 2, Insightful) 312

I thought the narrative was that race doesn't exist? That we're all the same race? How then is is possible that one can determine so called race by examining the genetic profile of a person?

Is it possible we were lied to and that race is indeed something that can be determined as a composition of genes and other genetic data?

Comment Re:No mystery - suddenly there was money in it (Score 2) 608


Did you read the fucking article? The female enrollment in CS never changed, what happened is that male interest skyrocketed.

Why? What happened is that the personal computing market had finally reached a good enough saturation point in the previous 8-9 years since the introduction of the Altair. Suddenly, there were young men, many of whom had been social outcasts, who had been programming since their teenage yeas on their parent's computers. These self-taught programmers could run circles around the college CS graduates of the time who had only been programming for 4 years, usually on outdated mainframes. This new crop of programmers had practical experience already with the consumer market devices of the time and could hit the ground running.

To this day, you won't see most teenage girls sitting quietly and learning how to program to get a leg up above the rest. They're too busy popping birth control and twerking to MTV. Speaking of which, MTV launched in 1981 and became mainstream in 1984. Maybe that should be the target of your angst.

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