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Journal Journal: Quote.

Note to self...

The world is in constant flux; you change with it or you die. Those are your choices. Those are your ONLY choices. - jd (1658)

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Journal Journal: Pathfinding Algorithms

I usually don't write these things, as they are mostly self-indulgent. But, this one especially so and a offtopic reply to innocuous question to boot.

----------------- Original Comment -------------------------

>> If I asked 4,000 people whether they planned to buy a second Bible in the next 90 days -- for their children -- I bet a lot of people would answer yes

> Why?

---------------- Incoherent Reply ---------------------------

He's asking people in Alabama.

And yes, I am insensitive clod that lives in Alabama. A lifer with a bizarre mix of Eastern Mysticism, Western Philosophy, Cynical Collegiate Education (read as doing it for the Paper which garners ease of getting more paper), and a Cradle Catholic (guess what, Catholics are a split and diverse as Linux distributions if not more so). Feel free to find specific points in this post to mention and not see the entirety. It is your job. (NOTE: Your refers not to the parent but some unspecified forum dweller. Consider this more of an offtopic rant than flamebait)

In short, I am just a node, dude. One with highly suspect PGP protocol between common information input mechanisms.

But you asked why (to try Bud Dry)? I would say people would like to portray their First Life Avatar as something other than it is depending on the other Avatar they are interacting with. I've heard, but not confirmed, The Third planet is sure that theyâ(TM)re being watched by an Eye in the Sky that canâ(TM)t be stopped. When you get to the promise land you're gonna shake that eyes hand.
So, they would respond "Yes" because there is some book recording their deeds and they sure as Hell must give a resounding Positive.

I say it's all about perspective. God, if existing as some sort of outside whole entity would know I would be the cynical questioning type. So, if I judge him to be a Judge, then he should have known to begin with. For instance, I would try to make peace between family for the sake of the whole. But, I will not lose (hey loose would work too!) my ego in the process. After all, why have it if You don't need my perspective and nodal decisions. My voice in the choir raises high when it should .. and I take a piss break when I don't care for the song. And yes, there are plenty of redundancies to handle server loads.

Now, would I buy a bible for my daughter? Understanding this question comes after watching Kong Fu Panda then Gigi (yeccch... this is suppose to make people believe in God?) back to back with her ... I'll do what my dad did, give her the tools (whatever source they may be; though some sources are more poisoned than others) ... she creates what she needs. That is why she is here. Not to regurgitate what I or someone supposedly said 2000, 6000, 10K years ago.

Other Humans are out link to other information. But, they are a breed very susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Example: Is Jesus saving me? Or was he just some radical Rabbi against the Sadducees, a group working in part at least with the MAN (i.e. Romans).

Don't take that as anti-Semitic. It was just an internal Jewish thing. Not a perfect analogy: but think of America's killing of Timothy McVeigh. Who was right with what Jewish side? And why 2000 years later should I care? Why didn't Jesus mention he was going to die on the cross to the Apostles (you think that might come up at some point ... ) . Why is the rebuilding of the Temple meant to Christians to mean creating of a new religion on just not a re-org thing? Was he Jeremiah or the Dragon Reborn?

Without original documentation from the YouTubes of ~30 AD CE RGB DRM citizens, I cannot provide an answer nor trust any answer given. So, he is just some dude. That lived then died ⦠maybe. Wow, I feel complete now.

So I say Fuck It. What answer gives me my free Big Mac (don't worry Hindu's, it's actually a chemically isolated gelatin from some form of Genetically Modified soy) with Ergot Sauce? My parents told me it's yes? Well, then yes.

Sometimes the info we are searching for is hidden in weird places, like the woman giving you a smile at the right time or a simple thank you after an emotionally exhausting game of esoteric scrabble.

Chemicals upon chemicals, some antagonists, some repressing while the other uptake. No answer will satisfy, but a local biological mix can for a short period of time.

No animals were harmed in this ramble. And remember, All-In-One, It Slices, It Dices, It Defrags.

Why indeed.

"Eli eli lama sabachthani"
"You were right. --Your loving father."

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