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Comment Re:What makes this special? (Score 1) 239

Hey, just because you think it's a long walk to the grocery store, doesn't make that any more of a absolute yardstick.

Tell that to a quadriplegic. The back yard may be closer than the grocery store but that still doesn't mean he's gonna get there any time soon. Without the wheelchair and a motor or someone to push, all distances greater than zero are out of reach.

Comment Re:scare mongering getting old (Score 5, Informative) 72

Another problem are credit companies who treat identity theft with a shrug and a "that's your problem." Someone obtained my name, SSN, DOB, and address. How, I'll never know. They opened a Capital One credit card in my name. The fact that the mother's maiden name was wrong on the form wasn't a red flag. Neither was the immediate address change to another state. Nor was "my wife" calling to request a $5,000 cash advance before the card was activated.

When the card arrived at my house (a lucky quirk of them paying for rush delivery and THEN changing the address), I called CapitalOne. First, they insisted that it couldn't have been fraud, asking if my wife opened it without my knowledge. (She was next to me, freaking out about the situation. That'd be a no.) Then, they admitted that it might be fraud, closed the card out, but refused to give me more information. They literally told me "If we give you the address on the account and you go there and shoot them, we'd be liable." Apparently, they didn't think anything about liability if they opened an account under my name, ignoring a lot of red flags. They even stone-walled the police - telling them to call one phone number that was "manned" by an answering machine whose messages were never returned.

Eventually, I gave up on trying to push the investigation forward and just froze my credit. For all I know, the thieves who stole my identity are still out there racking up debt on other people's credit.

Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 1) 893

Not only that, but people complained about the manager after her and were told that it was his first offence. The "first offense" line was clearly being used to protect the manager no matter how many complaints were lodged against him.

That, plus all of the other red flags that her piece raised makes it obvious that Uber is NOT a good company to work for.

Comment Re:All this talk about exobiology ... (Score 1) 109

Europa - another moon where the possibility of life exists - had a liquid water ocean agitated by radiation from and gravitational interactions with Jupiter. No, we likely wouldn't find plants using photosynthesis, but any life we find there would likely have evolved to make use of radiation/gravitational flux as an energy source instead of solar energy. Just because life evolved one way on Earth doesn't mean that's the only way for life to arise/evolve.

Comment Re:Can't Be True! (Score 1) 118

If this only affected their kids, I'd actually side with them and say vaccines should be a parent's choice. I'd still call not vaccinating the wrong choice, but it would be their choice. However, a parent who doesn't vaccinate their child weakens herd immunity and exposes other people to diseases. People who a) are too young to be vaccinated, b) can't be vaccinated for valid medical reasons, or c) were vaccinated but the vaccine didn't "take" (vaccines aren't 100% but herd immunity usually covers the fraction who don't get protected). When their actions negatively affect other people - including possibly killing them - they don't get to argue that it's their freedom to choose not to vaccinate and it goes beyond a "Darwin effect."

Comment Re:Can't Be True! (Score 1) 118

That was just goal post shifting. Once the mercury link was busted, the anti-vax groups claimed it was other compounds in the vaccines. When that was disproved, they went to generic "toxins" or "they get so many vaccines that their immune system is overwhelmed." Never mind that they can't name the "toxin(s)" that cause autism (if they keep it generic, you can't disprove it) or that a baby's immune system wards off hundreds of bacteria/viruses daily (if not more) and a few shots won't tip the scales. They'll keep shifting the "why" in their belief that vaccines cause autism instead of admitting that they have nothing to do with one another.

Comment Re:Reverse logic (Score 5, Insightful) 641

This doesn't remove the "driving drunk" as a blame factor, it just adds "car driving the wrong way down a one way street" to the list. Her being drunk likely contributed to poor reactions that led to the accident. However, this doesn't add "the car accelerates like a rocket ship" to the list of causes to the accident, despite what the father says.

As a father, I get the impulse to not want to blame your child. Not to mention that he just lost his daughter. That's not a time in a person's life when they are 100% rational. Still, the hard truth is that his daughter was at least half to blame (with the other half going to the driver going the wrong way). The car's acceleration wasn't the cause of his daughter's death.

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