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Comment Re: theodp (Score 2) 167

they actually need to have a degree to practice.

Sure. Said degree is not granted by a medical school though. It's granted by some other school - of chiropractic, of acupuncture, etc. I never said they were "quacks" - after all what is medicine anyway? I will state, however, that they do not follow the scientific method and cannot back up their claims with scientific studies. Even though they have thousands of testimonials from people who say they feel better. At the end of the day feeling better is what medicine is supposed to be about. But god help you if you see an acupuncturist for malignant melanoma...

Comment Re: theodp (Score 3, Interesting) 167

Yeah, my next doctor is going to be someone who didn't go to medical school.

There are plenty of those around and there have been for a long time. Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists and a whole lot more. They succeed because any given illness has an 80% chance of being self limited and going away on its own. That's a phenomenal success rate for these "alternative doctors", although it's no better than if you had just stayed home.

The problem is when you have something that falls into the 20%.... we who did go to medical school don't claim to be able to save anyone, but we have documented proof that we can usually offer you a more desirable outcome than doing nothing at all.

Comment Well (Score 1) 508

We've been living in an economic climate that actually punishes savers for almost a generation now. This is to be expected. I honestly don't care because I will be dead soon. But those robots had better get good at making stuff extremely cheaply because hungry people are the surest way to tear a civilization apart.

Comment Sounds good but (Score 1) 287

instead the technology community needs to look at making machines do what humans cannot.

This is already happening, since humans cannot work 23 hours a day non stop without pay with just 1 hr a day average for downtime and maintenance. Jack Ma should stop making meaningless statements.

Comment Basic (Score 1) 629

My first programming language was a form of Basic (I forget which one) on Apple IIe computers. During middle school, we were instructed to program a slot machine program. Essentially, the assignment was to pull three random array entries and display those. Easy, right? I coded mine, looked up, and everyone was still working. So I decided to add more features. I added in betting with the game repeating until you lost all your money or decided to walk away with your winnings. I looked up and people were still coding. So I added in a loan shark who would lend you money which you had to pay back (with interest) or he'd end your game for you. (I actually had it display that he "took an arm and a leg.") I looked up and FINALLY people were finishing their assignments.

I blew the teacher and my classmates away with what I had made. That SHOULD have been my sign that I needed to go into programming, but it took me until college where I almost failed quantum mechanics as I aced my computer science classes to switch on that light bulb.

Comment Re:Make America Great Again (Score 1) 256

To be fair, my current connection is 15Mbps so it's not broadband either. When Spectrum forces me to their plan, I'm supposed to get a speed bump that might take me above broadband levels. When Time Warner Cable was here, they offered actual broadband, but you had to pay a lot more for it. Again, monopoly position = the company will charge you whatever it likes for whatever service is decides to provide and you can take it or go without.

Comment Re:Price caps cause market distortions. (Score 4, Insightful) 256

On the flip side, if you remove minimum wage, what's to stop an employer from paying nearly nothing for work that generates the employer more money? If an employee generates $25 an hour in value and the employer pays $0.50 an hour, what would protect the worker? Before you say "they can just change jobs", recognize that you could have an industry "race to the bottom" with salaries. The ones that pay less might make more profits and can gobble up (or force out of business) the ones that pay more.

To give an example, my son recently went to a local museum where he learned about the NYC garment district around the early 1900's. There was no minimum wage or safety regulations so people were worked 15 hours (6am - 9pm) for $3 a week. (That's about $1 an hour in today's money.) If people didn't want to work those hours or asked for more money, they were fired and people who would accept the hours/pay were hired. Every employer in the area paid about the same, so you couldn't just go to another employer. (The lack of safety regulations caused a fire that killed 146 workers.)

Minimum wage laws can help to keep employers from forcing workers to work long hours for little to no pay. They can help keep employees from falling below the poverty line or from having to work three jobs just to make ends meet. They might not be perfect, but doing away with the minimum wage entirely would be disastrous.

Comment Re:Make America Great Again (Score 4, Insightful) 256

The thing is, I'd be all for "let the markets fix it" if the ISP market actually had competition. If I could choose between 12 different comparable ISPs, I could easily vote with my wallet. When I only have one option, though, voting with my wallet doesn't work. The ISP market is broken and this means "let the markets fix it" won't do anything. Government regulations might not fix the market, but they can stem abuses in the short term and possibly even lay the groundwork for competition to sprout up in the longer term.

Comment Re:Make America Great Again (Score 2) 256

I've had someone try to tell me that DSL, satellite, and wireless services count as competition for wired Broadband. I currently have Spectrum (Charter, formally Time Warner Cable) at $35 a month - though that's a TWC rate that will likely go away next year and my cost will increase to around $60 a month.

DSL in my area is about 4Mbps for around $40 a month on lines that Verizon wants to get rid of ASAP. Satellite has slow speeds, low caps, and high cost. As for wireless, I use about 500GB a month - mostly in video streaming. Verizon's Unlimited plan would throttle me after 22GB. They have a "data only plan", but that runs about $700 for 100GB of data.

The person I was talking with honestly thought $700 a month was competition for $60 a month. While, technically these are "options", nobody with my usage requirements (video streaming) would take these. This leaves Spectrum as my one and only choice and they know it.

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