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Comment Re:go virtual (Score 2, Interesting) 244

I was going to suggest using virtualized environments as well, but that still leaves the admin with the task of automating the management of all his difference systems. Frankly, I've always approached this the way he's already doing it: a set of scripts that manage things.

I'm not aware of any systems that do all this for you while still being flexible enough to accommodate lots of unique requirements. The script-based systems I've employed over the years all followed some basic rules:
  • Increment the version number and make a new DNS entry for each committed changeset.
  • Only allow migrations to "test" from "dev", and from "test" to "prod".
  • Allow automatic reverting to a previous version in test or prod, but require manual merging of changesets from later revisions to put them back into the older upper stage.

I've successfully managed hundreds of sites and web apps in this manner, with minimal fuss. Virtualization adds in extra complexity in some respects, but makes other things easier as each VPS can have its own customized environment. As long as everything in dev, test, and prod uses the same base VPS environment, problems should be minimal.

Comment Re:Wait a minute here (Score 1) 1364

In my view, many of the same issues that plague children that grow up in single parent households, will also plague those that are raised by same-sex couples.

So based simply on your opinion, which is not founded by any sort of evidence, just your whim, you will deny someone their rights? That's nice.

Therefore, given that marriage is designed to encourage family life,


Comment Re:Do not want (Score 1) 579

B) You will then spread it to others. H1N1 is contagious 3 days before symptoms show up. So you will spread it to someone else, possible someone less healthy then you.

Tons of diseases are easily spread person-to-person. If people regularly practice good personal hygiene and personal protective measures diseases such of this would not be spread so easily.

Comment My experience does not agree... (Score 1) 814

I'm a Mac guy. I'm also a PC guy... and a linux guy... I use PCs more than I use Macs because my employer requires it. I own Macs (and no PCs) because I have a choice.

I know a lot of Mac guys. Of the Mac guys I know, about 60% of them only have Macs. Of the 40% who also have PCs, most of them have PCs because they used to be PC guys and they kept their old machines. I only know 2 guys that have up-to-date Mac and PC hardware for doing cross-platform development. I doubt that these two would be considered mainstream Mac/PC users. I do know one guy that has 4 or 5 PCs and one Mac (the Mac is for his wife and kids, so I don't really include him in my list of Mac owners - he never uses it).

I'm not saying the survey is wrong, but I suspect that the data sample might be skewed in some way. For instance, maybe the sample was all Google developers... Or maybe the survey was stated in such a way that it was interpreted as "what do you USE", rather than "what do you OWN".

Comment I have a better idea... (Score 2, Interesting) 1073

How about requiring that the President of the United States actually perform the duties of the President at least 75 percent of the time or more?

You know, instead of endless T.V. interviews, campaigning disguised as promoting "health care", presentation to get the Olympics awarded to Chicago, etc.

Comment Re:Waste MORE time!? (Score 1) 1073

A minute number of high school athletes make professional careers out of it and are successful, the rest end up working in construction or a similar career and spending the rest of their life thinking about how great high school was.

As a sedentary geek who never was a high school (or college) athlete, I have to say I knew plenty of athletes who were also extremely intelligent and went on to excel academically.

Comment Re:Anthropological endocrinology? (Score 1) 227

It seems you're assuming that I'm one of those "stop wasting money on pointless research" nutjobs, I'm not.

All I'm saying is that this isn't really news, and it sure isn't "news for nerds" just because the research involved video games. I'm actually fairly certain that, just like with lots of other seemingly boring and uninteresting research projects, these results will be very useful to a small set of researchers but it just isn't very newsworthy (there are tons of studies like this where the results are basically "yup, just as we expected from previous research" and I for one would rather hear about exciting basic research that could be described as "Controversial theory regarding the formation of stars shown to be accurate" but instead we get "psychologists get further proof of previous theory holding water, also here's a story about a phone that you can water your plants with!").

/Mikael (a bit cynical about science/geek news lately)

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