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Comment The distance between (Score 1) 387

The distance between what we know and what we don't is jagged and uneven across all of physics.

For Instance,
Can we explain how the "single photon at a time" version of the dual slit experiment still manages to produce interference patterns? They are being interfered with by _something_ and it's not photons we produced or can account for.

Comment This is a perfect example (Score 1) 634

This is a perfect example of the extremists view that their firmly held and fervently believed ignorance is just as valid as scientific facts and reality.

Can we just stop listening to then yet? Yes they ARE entitled to their beliefs, what they are NOT entitled to do is force their ignorance into governance, science, or the health and welfare of the nations people.

Submission + - Justice League (

Linda0301 writes: The Justice League, also known as the Justice League of America, is a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The Justice League was conceived by writer Gardner Fox, and first appeared in The Brave and the Bold (Feb.-March 1960).

The team is an assemblage of superheroes who join together as the Justice League. The seven original members were Aquaman, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern, the Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman and the team roster has rotated throughout the years, consisting of many superheroes from the DC Universe.
Various comic book series featuring the Justice League have remained generally popular with fans since inception and, in most incarnations, its roster includes DC's most popular characters. The Justice League concept has also been adapted into various other entertainment media, including the classic Saturday morning Super Friends animated series (1973–1986), an unproduced Justice League of America live-action series (for which the pilot film exists), the animated series Justice League (2001–2004) and Justice League Unlimited (2004–2006). A live-action film was in the works in 2008 before being shelved. On June 6, 2012, Warner Bros. announced a new live action Justice League film was in development with Will Beall hired as screenwriter. However, the project was scrapped again. After the success of the Superman reboot Man of Steel, a film titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released in March 2016, directed by Zack Snyder. The script writer for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", Chris Terrio, has also penned the script for Justice League.

The Justice League received its own comic book title called Justice League of America in October 1960. With the 2011 relaunch of its titles, DC Comics released a second volume of Justice League and in 2015 released a fourth volume of Justice League of America, both of which are currently in print. Since its inception, the team has been featured in various television programs and video games.
Having successfully reintroduced a number of DC Comics' (then known as National Periodical Publications) Golden Age superhero characters (Flash, Green Lantern, etc.) during the late 1950s, editor Julius Schwartz asked writer Gardner Fox to reintroduce the Justice Society of America. Schwartz, influenced by the popularity of Major League Baseball's National League and American League, decided to change the name of the team from Justice Society to Justice League.

The Justice League of America debuted in The Brave and the Bold #28 (March 1960),[4] and after two further appearances in that title, got their own series which quickly became one of the company's best-selling titles. Fox and artist Mike Sekowsky were the creative team for the title's first eight years. Sekowsky's last issue was (June 1968) and Fox departed with (September 1968). Schwartz was the new title's editor and oversaw it until 1979.

Comment I still don't understand how anyone (Score 1) 165

I still don't understand how anyone can possibly think that every device from cellphones to servers can possibly be used to their own full potential with the same damn user interface.

Either servers are going to be dumbed down or cellphones are going to be missing features, there simply is no way around that. And neither one is acceptable.

Any rational being would recognize that cellphones and servers have such different roles that differing interfaces on them would only help people to realize that there is more (or less) to this device than they know, and to rtfm before they get into real trouble,


Volkswagen Emissions Issues Spread To Gasoline Cars ( 208

schwit1 writes: Just a day after news broke that Volkswagen's emissions scandal had expanded to its Porsche unit and Audi SUVs, the company has disclosed yet another problem, this time affecting carbon dioxide levels emitted by their cars. "Volkswagen said an internal probe showed 800,000 cars had "unexplained inconsistencies" concerning their carbon-dioxide output. Previously, the automaker estimated it would need to recall 11 million vehicles worldwide — more than Volkswagen sold last year." This batch of cars includes a small number of gasoline engines. Until now, only diesel engines were part of the problem.
United Kingdom

Huge Survey Shows Correlation Between Autistic Traits and STEM Jobs ( 345

Bruce66423 writes: A survey of more than 450,000 people in the UK has shown there is a significant correlation between a higher score on the Autism Quotient and being a scientist or engineer. AQ scores are also higher for men than for women. "On average, the male AQ score was 21.6, compared to a female score of 19.0. People work in a STEM-related job had an average AQ score of 21.9 compared to a score of 18.9 for individuals working in non-STEM jobs. This suggests autistic traits are linked to both sex and to having a ‘systems-thinking’ mind." A professor involved with the work said, "These may shed light on why we find males in the population on average have slightly more autistic traits than females do, and why fathers and grandfathers of children with autism are over-represented in STEM fields."

Submission + - Saying "Wasted" On Facebook can affect your credit score (

JustAnotherOldGuy writes: According to a report by the Financial Times, some of the top credit rating companies are now using people's social media accounts to assess their ability to repay debt. “If you look at how many times a person says ‘wasted’ in their profile, it has some value in predicting whether they’re going to repay their debt,” Will Lansing, chief executive at credit rating company FICO, told the Financial Times. "It's not much, but it's more than zero." According to the Financial Times, both FICO and TransUnion have had to find "alternative ways" to assess people who don't have a traditional credit profile — including people who haven't borrowed enough to give creditors an idea of what kind of risk they pose.
United States

How the FBI Can Detain, Render and Threaten Without Risk ( 318

schwit1 writes: Patrick Eddington has a disturbing article in the NY Times about a court decision that seems to give U.S. law enforcement agencies the ability to have an American citizen sent from one foreign country to another for interrogation, to do that interrogation themselves, and to threaten the use of torture to get them to talk. "If this decision stands, it will mean that an American citizen overseas who is unlawfully targeted by the United States government for rendition, interrogation and detention with the help of a local government will have no form of redress in the courts." The case centers around Amir Meshal, a U.S. citizen who lived in New Jersey.

While Meshal was traveling abroad, he got caught up in a wave of refugees leaving Somalia for Kenya. There Kenyan authorities detained him, and FBI agents interrogated him. He was transported back to Somalia, and then to Ethiopia, where he had never visited. In Ethiopia, FBI agents once again quickly got access to Meshal, accusing him of being trained for terrorism in Al-Qaeda camps. They threatened him and denied access to lawyers.

Months later, when he was released, he returned to the U.S. He has never been accused of a terrorism-related offense. He filed a lawsuit based on his Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, but U.S. courts have thus far denied his claims. Eddington concludes, "The appellate court decision means that American citizens have no means available to hold the government accountable for violating their constitutional rights, simply because the United States conveniently denied those rights in another country of its choosing."

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