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Submission + - How do I turn off Video Bytes? ( 2

gatzke writes: Is there any way to turn off Video Bytes? Any option to get rid of them? I don't want them and they don't have comments attached to them. They are a waste of bandwidth to me.

Submission + - Is dead forever? ( 1

gatzke writes: The cleanest interface for slashdot for years has been but it now has not updated since Friday. It allows users to read articles and see five top comments. Is it dead forever, or just temporarily down? Should sites support small / simple interfaces? Are we being forced to beta?

Submission + - Google Car crashes ( 1

gatzke writes: The Google Car supposedly has a great safety record while driving autonomously. It looks like they are not perfect, as one just caused a solid crash. Details are sketchy, but somehow the Google Car ended up going the wrong way on a one way street.

Submission + - NRC Doctoral Program Rankings Released Today (

gatzke writes: The National Research Council (NRC) today will release a study of doctoral research programs at over 200 US institutions. These rankings have been significantly delayed and may contain old data, as the report was scheduled for release in 2005. The report does not combine reputation-based and objective rankings, opting to provide both rather than some weighted value. Reportedly, the objective study uses approximately 20 metrics such as publications, citations, funding, composition of faculty, composition of students, time to PhD, graduation rate, etc. Also, the "objective" data is mostly self-reported by institutions.

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