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Comment Does't that indicate how small the niche is... (Score 1) 276

I see what you are saying, and at first I agreed - it seems like some phone maker would make a larger phone with more battery.

But after some thought, I'm pretty sure no-one would buy it and that's why they aren't making them. The problem is when buying a new phone a larger phone would look and feel terrible in comparison. A three day battery life would mean nothing to most people used to charging phones every day anyway, while the larger phone would not fit well in pockets, or be super heavy in a purse....

The fact is that it's just way too inconvenient to lug around un-needed battery with you all the time, being able to use an external battery for more power is way more flexible and people just prefer it.

Comment Other way around (Score 1) 276

Battery cases prove SOME people like fatter phones, but they are a minority. They don't sell hundreds of millions of battery cases.

The great thing about battery cases is that the people that don't mind a bulky phone have a solution, and the people who DON'T want bulk have a choice too. If phone makers make bulkier phones that's great for the people that want them, but you can't buy a case to make a phone thinner.

Comment Re:USPS (Score 3, Interesting) 237

In the boonies, where many of us heat with woodstoves, snail mail spam is called "free fuel". Some of us even write letters (though I tend to print mine as my handwriting isn't great, or maybe even include a gasp - paper check - for record keeping that doesn't have bit-rot and isn't subject to hacking quite the same as e-transfers are. Selection bias much?

Comment Re:USPS (Score 2) 237

I get more and more of my Amazon stuff via USPS, and it's a good deal, it seems. for all concerned. The USPS has to drive the route anyway, so why not carry something? On our rural route, UPS, FedEx etc can't make money, UPS in particular has a bad attitude as mentioned elsewhere and a high rate of damage to the product. I'm not sure how Amazon actually gets things to the local USPS so fast - clearly they didn't just mail it, as regular mail is never "two day" around here, but I'm getting the stuff on time. Fedex has been super good from McMaster-Carr, sometimes under 20 hours from mouse click to delivery - in good shape and with good attitude - on *ground* shipping. I also have no clue how they manage that, other than that McMaster has warehouses all over. And they are good the few times Amazon uses them. But really, in my case nothing beats the USPS these days (wasn't always so, they don't like big stuff) "out here". My mail persons are all nice as can be, know where to leave stuff if I'm not home (will even lock it in one of my cars if it seems valuable), don't get fiddly about details and make me go somewhere (at my further cost) to get what I already paid to have delivered to me. One of my mail people is a retired physicist doing it "for fun" and often drops in just to chat about my physics work. It's another world from what most city folk experience. We'd really hate to lose them "out here". No way Amazon is making money off me. A small order every few days on prime - if you figure the UPS rates *I'd* pay, prime pays for itself in a month or two. Maybe that's what's driving them.

Comment How would they get that exactly? (Score 1) 147

The health data the Watch collects is sent only to the users phone. From there other apps can request access to parts of it, but the user has to explicitly grant permission to allow it - and they would first have to install an app that could even ask...

So tell me again how it's a data collection initiative when there are so few ways to collect the data it collects?

Maybe, just maybe, some of the fitness tracking stuff the Apple watch does is useful enough to people that it encourages healthier living. Maybe, just maybe, being told to stand every hour and stretch has long term benefits.

But no, lets discount all of that and go for the Slashdot Paranoid Delusion #75757, Standard Evil Corporate Overlord wants to know my average run pace.

Comment Better to dream big than not at all (Score 3, Insightful) 490

If you're going to Mars at all anyway messing around with just a few people means certain death for all. With enough people you have redundancy in skill and ability, a lot of pure manual labor on tap if required, and lots more of a drive to make the community continue. In think the timeframe is pretty realistic to be honest and the goal not very out of reach. Think of where we were technologically forty years ago, across many fields of science...

Comment Re:Whole thing, not "at all" (Score 1) 264

No I'm trying to explain an observed effect, far more thinking than you have ever done in your miserable life.

I don't care really care either way which of the two goober was the slightly less goobery one, I'm approaching this as a strategic issue.

I hope that increases you post count enough you get that bonus from the Hilary campaign! The money came from Wells Fargo bilking customers, but whatever. I'll not respond further since you are an even larger goober than the pair of the candidates combined.

Comment Whole thing, not "at all" (Score 3, Informative) 264

You're going to lose that wager. Early Neilson ratings are showing the debate broke the all-time record for viewers.

Yes, that's people who "tuned in" - that is watched it at all. I agree that was very high.

I'm saying a lot of people "tuned out" after the first half hour or so, I saw a ton of people on social media saying exactly that. They got tired after a while, both voices are irritating. Even if they didn't turn it off, they were not really watching with full attention after that point. The Neilson ratings say anything about that.

Hillary may technically have "won on points" but if you read the link I posted (not from a conservative source either) it shows Trump actually won massively among watchers. So the only way that happened is if people were not paying attention later in the debate.

Comment Trump won according to polls, here's why (Score 4, Insightful) 264

Trump was better earlier, then it evened out and at times Hillary was better.

I would have called it a rough tie. But the important thing to remember is - how many people watched the whole thing? I would wager not a lot. So Trump doing better earlier probably means he won with the general populace...

This is borne out by polls taken immediately after showing that Trump actually won the debate, by a pretty large margin.

The CNN poll being an outlier is just an illustration of how the media is rigged strongly in favor of Hillary. I was going to vote for Johnson but I think an important part of this election is to consider just who the press will actually watch closely and call out anything wrong - they are going to do that constantly with Trump, and very little to not at all with Clinton. A representative democracy needs a functioning press and the unfortunate reality of the times is that the press is so Democratic, you have to have a Republican president if you want issues widely discussed in the news. You heard about war protests all the time under Bush, not at all under Obama despite drone strikes on civilians that would have had the press howling under Bush.

Comment You have to (Score 1) 114

You have to keep passwords written somewhere because stupid sysadmins have such insane password rules and retention times that no-one could possibly remember them. In theory word documents are at lest better than post-its because they COULD have some access control.

The tighter you squeeze, sysadmins, the more systems will slip through your fingers.

Comment Re: So basically... (Score 0) 637

You have got to be joking. Swap in "Jews" for "Deplorables" and Hillary would be every bit a "hitler", if it were not so absurd comparing wanting to control immigration rather than letting it occur with no oversight, to mass slaughter of humans. Even if you tried to compare mass deportation, you can't even get close because you are comparing someone sent to Mexico with someone being packed on a train and sent to a gas chamber! Do you realize how foolish and un-believeable you sound? The fact that you and other liberals really believe that down in your heart is why you are turning so many independent voters against you. Trump says some reasonable things, you claim he's hitler and that's all she wrote for believing a word you say.

Comment That's a stupid plan (Score 1) 50

how often do home hard drives fail?

They only need to fail once for something you have no copy of...

Also I am pretty sure they fail 100% of the time your laptop is stolen and/or there's a fire in your house that melts your HD. Are you saying houses do not catch on fire? That laptops are never stolen?

Your plan is lunacy. Backups aren't about any one unlikely thing, they are about a world of unlikely possibilities weighed against the loss of many things (even if virtual) that are literally irreplaceable.

does the average user still need "cloud backup"

The "average user" needs those things more because they do not have as deep an understanding of what will and will not be lost if the device breaks or vanishes.

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