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Comment Re: All the better to 'drive' stoned (Score 1) 132

Agreed on the stoned part. Limited experiments on this suggest that what you lose in ability, you more than make up for in caution.

However, the part about older drivers is ignorant. Older drivers have lower insurance mostly because they have less accidents than young drivers. Older drivers are objectively better than young ones. Though of course there is an upper limit, where senility sets in.

Comment Re:Cars are becoming more automatic anyway (Score 1) 132

It was always the common sense option with UK driving tests to take them in a manual gearbox car, so that you'd be qualified for both manual and automatic. But for anyone now who fancies owning an EV, I'd suggest also learning to drive in an EV. Over the next few years EVs are going to take over the entire market. So those skills of clutch control and gear changing and hill starts will probably remain unused.

And quite possibly in 20 years time there will be no point in taking driving lessons at all, because you can just purchase a fully autonomous car with no driver controls, and not need a licence.

Only those people that positively want to drive will need to drive. It'll be a hobby rather than an everyday necessity. And may even be banned on public roads at some stage.

Comment Re:Surprising (Score 1) 132

It only works on Honda Civics with "Honda Sensing", which includes Lane Keeping Assist. So they tap into that for the steering.

So basically you buy a car what already has Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist. And you buy this box made by an amateur and run open source software on it that claims to be autonomous driving, but is actually just Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist implemented by an amateur on non-automotive grade hardware.

Pointless as well as dangerous.

Comment Re: Exactly how was the study done? (Score 1) 167

Autopilot can be active at any time. It's especially good in heavy traffic. Works well on two lane roads as well as highways.

I said it was only really designed for highways. Not that it can't do other roads.

They compared accidents driving with AP ON vs AP OFF.

You are completely wrong. Consult the report. They compared cars without AP installed vs those with it installed. Using the data for cars with AP installed, regardless of whether it was active or not.

Comment Re:What other factors could be in play? (Score 0) 167

You don't win an argument by claiming the other side is confused. I have actually consulted the original document so I know EXACTLY what they measured.

You claim "the earlier time period where more people were abusing the system". Yet they can't have been abusing a system that they didn't have because it was not installed.

Again, the NHTSA know what they are doing with automobile safety statistics. You, have less information and less ability.

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