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Comment Re:My first first? (Score 1) 252

We develop the same apps on both iOS and Android. Entirely separate development, no shared code, but based on the same designs. The Android versions take 50% longer to develop and are of lower quality. (The Android team are always complaining about video bugs. And they never seem able to deliver smooth animation. And they are just generally more sluggish.) I don't believe they are worse programmers than the iOS team. I just believe the development environment and the platform are worse. Though I have been told that the development environment got a lot better recently.

Comment Re:Moronic argument (Score 0) 1135

It does not move anyone out of poverty, and quite frankly it is abused by a massive amount of people.

It's impossible to abuse UBI, as it's not means tested and you are allowed to spend it on what you like.

Why did they make SNAP all card based and put restrictions on what you can purchase? Because an extremely large percentage of people were not purchasing food for their kids, they were drinking and smoking the money away.

This is right-wing fantasist bullshit. It revolves around the 19th century concept of the "undeserving poor", that people are poor because they make bad decisions, and if only we could make their decisions for them, everything would be better. You can't both believe the idea that wealthy people act in their own rational self-interest, and believe that poor people don't. There are of course some families with social problems, such as alcoholism or drugs that cause them not to look after their children properly. And the answer to that is social wordkers and social services. Not treating everyone who finds themselves on welfare as a child.

Other countries manage to pay welfare in cash, and trust people to look after their children.

Taking from the productive people to give to the unproductive incentivizes non-productivity.

Productivity is a calculation which has labour cost as a divisor. We are heading into a world where the cheapest labour is robots, and most people won't have work producing things. In such a world, people don't have to be productive - machines do. This is a central point - UBI is about a world where we can't even pretend that full employment is possible, or even desirable.

Of course it's good for people to do things. But those things will no longer have to be dictated by an employer, nor be productive.

And to pre-empt your obvious objection... yes there will still be some jobs, and there will be plenty of people who want to do them, because UBI only provides the basics. There are always people that want to work for more than the basics.

Comment Re:Despite the name it is not autopilot (Score 1) 392

The article says that the Florida fatality driver was watching a video. ON the one hand, this is a Darwin award candiate.

On the other hand, seems to me this is something that can be improved upon. I would hope that the video wasn't on the console. If it was, obviously that should not be capable of showing videos whilst the car is in motion.

If the video was on a secondary device, perhaps a camera mounted on the ceiling near the driver's head could look for video devices, and refuse autopilot if so. It'd also check that the camera was not obscured, so it couldn't be easily cheated. Such a camera might also recognise books, newspapers, or the lack of hands anywhere near the wheel.

Comment Re:For those who still want diesel (Score 1) 179

I like the idea of a generator on a trailer for when range is needed. But it's probably not a DIY job, as there's the problem of how to get the electricity into the batteries whilst motoring. EV battery packs have sophisticated battery management systems that have to cooperate in the charging. If the car is in drive mode, it's probably not in charge mode.

On the other hand maybe you could input power on the regenerative brakes input. Dunno.

Just saying it might not be as straight forward as as simple hook up.

Comment Re:Selling renwable power (Score 1) 107

That is only if you suppose those green tariffs are the only driving force for renewable electricity production. It isn't. Sometimes renewable is cheaper than the alternatives (hydro, mostly), governments may also enact some regulations favoring renewable.

People who pay for green tariffs want as much renewables as possible. So if there are other drivers too, that's even better. It's not a drawback.

What makes you think it isn't the case in the USA? I read the production is 13% renewable. Is there 13% of the clients (or I should say clients representing 13% of the total production) paying that green tariff?

It's per company.

Comment Re:Selling renwable power (Score 1) 107

He/she gets 100% (that is in theory, because in practice the flow of electrons remains the same), while the rest decrease from 10% to 9.999%. No more green energy is produced, or consumed.

As I explained, on average enough green electricity is generated to match the usage of those on green tariffs. Your scenario can only happen when the electric company is already exceeding their responsibility to provide green electricity. As extra consumers sign on for green power, the electric company would fall behind their responsibility and have to create more green generation capacity.

If this sounds like a scam to you, then you didn't understand it.

Don't get me wrong though, I'd prefer government regulations pushing ever upwards towards 100% renewable.

Comment Re:Selling renwable power (Score 3, Interesting) 107

Electricity is fungible. It makes no odds which electrons you get, so long as the renewable energy company puts in the same at the other end. That is of course instantaneously impossible. But averaged over a period of time it's not. The more customers green electricity companies get, the more renewable power generators they build.

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