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Comment Re:Where is the funding for the trip? (Score 1) 289

I don't know what his plans are. But here's what I'd do. I'd open it up to all the stable governments of the world. If there's going to be a human colony on mars, many countries are going to want one of their people to be in it. So several countries each pay to put a man on Mars. And as a bonus, they get a nice diverse DNA collection for the colony.

Comment Re: Then use Swift (Score 2) 148

Yes, there's plenty of choices of languages for which there is lots of employment opportunities. So it comes down to what you enjoy doing.

For me, I've done C & C++ and I certainly don't miss having seperate header files to maintain and include.

Java? Who wants all that verbosity, and endlessly nesting braces.

Swift is a breath of fresh air. It's rather like a statically typed Python, without the strange idioms and indent based blocks. And everything designed with the objective of limiting the likelyhood of creating bugs.

It makes programming a pleasure again.

Comment Re:CS should _not_ be taught to teenagers (Score 1) 241

Understanding algorithms for sorting and searching require very little math.

Indeed. I did those at high school. And again in the first week of CS degree.

Complexity analysis requires understanding of exponents and logarithms, which are taught in junior high school. Most programming is more like doing plumbing than like doing math.

It's built on that. But it's way too complicated a topic for high school. It wasn't even taught in the first year of my CS degree,

Most programming is more like doing plumbing than like doing math. "Okay, take this data stream and connect it to that socket, then run it through a filter and compress it ..."

Data processing is like that. If you were writing COBOL in the mainframe days it would seem like that. Or if you're writing shell scripts for Unix like OSs then it may seem like that. But most modern programming is not at all like that.

Comment Re:It can work otherwise... (Score 1) 108

How it (iTunes App Store) ACTUALLY works is only one device gets a receipt for the consumable. Period.

Anything else is what the app developer chose to do. And by your own criteria, we're not talking about that. ("There're lots of ways it could work. I'm only talking about how it actually works.")

End of story.

Comment Re:Investigative journalism in the comments... (Score 1) 108

Oh, it certainly could be done between Apple devices within Apple's existing infrastructure. Games could keep consumables on a Game Centre account for all devices.

It could also be a condition for apps to do it SOMEHOW.

1) It's not done that way.
2) The contract doesn't demand that that app does it another way.

Comment Re:Investigative journalism in the comments... (Score 1) 108

I'm talking about the built in Apple App Store in app purchases system. And I'm an app developer who's worked on in app purchases.

*If* Pokemon Go does more AND in combination with Android, then that is something they've clearly built on top. Which they are entitled but not required to do. But it's not something you can expect from consumable in-app purchases ordinarily.

Comment Re:Investigative journalism in the comments... (Score 2) 108

Not true. Consumable in-app purchases, such as if buy a number of PokeBalls for Pokemon Go are not transferable. However non-consumable purchases such as buying the full version of an app are transferable to any other device using the same AppleID.

So in the case of this Mario Game, a single purchase of the full game will indeed enable it on all phones.

Comment Re:And it's ready to download... (Score 1) 108

My guess is that they only started developing this when they saw how popular Pokemon Go was. Probably not much more than the single level that was demoed ready. But they'll certainly want it released for the Holidays, and there isn't another iPhone event before then.

Mario is a big enough draw to be able to hold the hype for a couple of months.

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