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Comment Because the current block is working so well (Score 1) 231

As highlighted by RevK from AAISP in a recent blog post on the stupidity of the blocking

I can reveal the secret high-tech method for accessing newzbin2 and by-passing the recent block on the site on BT residential lines.
Its top secret and highly technical, so don't tell anyone...
Instead of typing you type
Yes, that is typing an extra s in the right place.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Petition to open OS/2 source, round/2 ( 1

The_Wilschon writes: On September 25, 2005, sent a petition with 11,613 signatures to IBM, asking them to release some or all of the source code to OS/2. Oddly, given IBM's embrace of the Open Source movement, the letter was ignored. So, on November 19 of this year, sent a second letter. They have also opened up a second petition round in order to show even more support to IBM for their requests. In particular, the System Object Model (SOM), Workplace Shell (WPS), and OS/2 kernel could both spur new OS/2 development and provide some fresh ideas to the Free Software world.

Submission + - RIAA costs UW-Madison $300,000

An anonymous reader writes: In the last few years, the University of Wisconsin Madison has spent more than $300,000 to prevent and resolve allegations of illegal downloading and sharing of music by users of the university 's computer network. Noting that UW-Madison ranked No. 10 among all universities nationwide for its number of alleged RIAA copyright violations. Via

Submission + - The Upsides of Solar Panels in Parking Lots

UnanimousCoward writes: "SFGate has an Open Forum piece written by UCLA Professor Donald Shoup considering the benefits of installing solar panels in parking lots:
  • Provides power when it is needed most
  • Cooler cars
  • Can't be worse-looking than the current asphalt desert :-)
  • Pro-business/Pro-development
  • He even plays the decentralized-power-in-the-face-of-terrorists card
The article mentions efforts by Walmart and, of course, Google:

Google, for example, has installed solar canopies on its parking lots to satisfy 30 percent of its headquarters' power demand.
Media (Apple)

Submission + - 13-Year-Old Provides GUI Jailbreak for iPod Touch

y0shidono writes: The Boy Genius Report has a quick little blerb on the "iJailBreak":

It was only a matter of time before we had a full scale iPod Touch Jailbreak, and thankfully the day of reckoning is upon us. iJailBreak is a slick little GUI that frees the overbearing shackles of Apple's lockdown, and opens the platform up to a multitude of third party applications. The real rub here, though, is that iJailBreak was apparently written by a 13-year old kid by the name of AriX. Crazy, right? We're quite certain that Apple will do their best to shut this down much like they've done with the iPhone Jailbreak process in the past, but for anyone with an iPod Touch running the most current firmware version, today is your lucky day.

Submission + - Automotive X-Prize Reveals First 31 Teams

An anonymous reader writes: The Automotive XPRIZE announced yesterday the first 31 teams to have signed on for the competition to build 100 mpge (mile-per-gallon equivalent) automobiles. The list contains obvious contenders like electric bike vendor ZAP, electric truck peddler Phoenix Motorcars, Munich's überefficient Loremmo AG, and Elon Musk-backed Tesla Motors as well as Cornell University and a laundry list of other less well known names. There's even a team commited to an Open Source-like license. Notable is the total absence of any established manufacturer. Contrary to expectations of a Big Auto win, could the AXP be up for grabs?

Submission + - Should We Rebuild America with Minneapolis Bridge? ( 2

mattnyc99 writes: The tragic collapse last night in Minneapolis of a truss bridge—one that the U.S. Dept. of Transportation found "structurally deficient" two years ago—raises an important issue beyond just the engineering of one single span. As national security expert Stephen Flynn pleads in an op-ed on American infrastructure in the wake of yesterday's disaster, "The blind eye that taxpayers and our elected officials have been turning to the imperative of maintaining and upgrading the critical foundations that underpin our lives is irrational and reckless." Do we need to start spending to rebuild America?

Submission + - Open Source Vs. Free Software

rushhour writes: "People used to be confused with Open Source Movement and Free Software Movement, here I got 2 interesting interviews on that hot topic: Richard Stallman , Founder of GNU Project and Free Software Foundation — From Copyright to Copyleft: the Freedom Software Movement rms.mp3 Brian Behlendorf , Co-founder of Apache Project, Former Chief Engineer of Wired Magazine, Founder and CTO of Collab.Net — Open Source: Past, Present and Future brian_b.mp3 Just wanna share with you Best, Ed"

Submission + - Corporate social contract with wildlife

endangeredcritters writes: Recently I wrote an email to Coca Cola's "Corporate Responsibility" email address, and I pointed out that Polar Bears are having a difficult time of this global warming thing 33-2004Nov8.html and that Coca Cola has been using their likeness for some time now. I received no response, so I ask SlashDot — do corporations have a social responsibility to assist those critters that they benefit from in their advertising ?

Submission + - 2007 Java Predictions in Java Developer's Journal

jg21 writes: Java Developer's Journal has published the results of its end-of-year poll of various Internet technology players, from its own internal editors to industry high-ups like the founder of Apress, Gary Cornell, and including too the thoughts of professor Tony Wasserman of Carnegie Mellon West. Participants were asked to foretell what they saw happening in 2007. Among the predictions...Cornell: 'The open-sourcing of Java will have no effect whatsoever on Java's slow decline in favor of dynamic languages (Ruby, Python) and C#;' Wasserman: 'The use of the GPL 2 for open-sourcing Java will inhibit the completion and acceptance of the GPL 3 proposal;' and Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson: 'The stigma of being a Web programmer still using Windows will increase.'

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