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Submission + - Where Is Cloud Computing and Big Data Headed in 2013? (

jg21 writes: Fifteen industry experts including Eucalyptus Systems CEO Mårten Mickos discussed with Cloud Computing Journal the trajectory of these two intersecting trends. [From the article: "Enterprises used to run small data on big boxes, and that's breaking down. In 2013, we'll need to run big data on lots of small boxes, and that's a fundamentally different computer science problem"]

Submission + - Google app verification service detects only 15% of infected apps (

ShipLives writes: Researchers have tested Google's app verification service (included in Android 4.2 last month), and found that it performed very poorly at identifying malware in apps. Specifically, the app verification service identified only ~15% of known malware in testing — whereas existing third-party security apps identified between 51% and 100% of known malware in testing.

Submission + - Outrage at Microsoft offshoring tax in the UK (

Master Of Ninja writes: After the ongoing row about companies not paying a fair share of tax in the United Kingdom, and with companies such as Starbucks, Amazon and Google being in the headlines, focus has now turned to Microsoft. Whilst the tax arrangements are strictly legal, there has been outrage on how companies are avoiding paying their fair share of tax generated in the country.

Submission + - McAffee is doing a live broadcast tonight on ustream at 8:00PM EST (

paysonwelch writes: "GUATEMALA CITY, December 9, 2012 — John McAfee, famed antivirus software pioneer and human rights advocate, today announced that he will host a news conference to ask the world for its protection against the Government of Belize. On his official blog,, Mr. McAfee has exposed the widespread corruption that is currently taking over the small country. Because of this, Mr. McAfee feels that he will be in grave danger if he were to be returned toBelize."


Submission + - Private *and* Public Clouds Both To Thrive in 2012 (

jg21 writes: "If this this selection of IT industry views by Cloud Computing Journal is right, then the emphasis in 2012 and beyond for enterprise-level cloud computing, will remain firmly on Private Clouds. But at the same time Amazon is quietly turning its decidedly public cloud computing offerings like EC2 and S3 into a $1 BN dollar business. So no-one needs choose between the two models, it seems both are co-existing (and indeed growing) side by side."

Submission + - Private Cloud Trumps Public (for Enterprises) (

An anonymous reader writes: According to this round-up of industry views by Cloud Computing Journal, the emphasis in 2012 and beyond, for enterprise-level cloud computing, will remain firmly on Private Clouds. Curious, then, that in this same week we hear that Amazon may quietly be turning public cloud computing into a $1 BN dollar business. I wonder which view is right?

Submission + - What WikiLeaks Teaches Us About Cloud Computing (

jg21 writes: Since both Amazon Web Services and Tableau Software have showed the Web world that they are willing to withdraw service from a customer (WikiLeaks) without even receiving any kind of official legal challenge from a third party, it is hardly surprising that Cloud Computing Journal's commentary on the whole "Cablegate" issue should view it through the prism of Cloud Computing and the possible implications for the Web in 2011 and beyond. As open source freedom fighter Simon Phipps writes in his ComputerWorldUK blog, behavior like this by Amazon and Tableau "informs us as customers of web services and cloud computing services that we are never safe from intentional outages when the business interests of our host are challenged."



Submission + - Just 250 Players in the Cloud Ecosystem, or...? (

jg21 writes: Given its status as the most-prominent-Website-on-the-Web-to-carry-only-very-few-posts-on-Cloud-Computing, it would maybe be fitting were Slashdot to be the only site on the Web to showcase Cloud Computing Journal's list of "The Top 250 Players in the Cloud Computing Ecosystem." The list isn't comprehensive, but it is porous. Companies who feel they should be listed can simply post their URL and their claim to Cloud fame right here on /. — clearly the list will grow beyond 250. Perhaps even mushroom. Which begs the question: are there now 500 players in the Cloud Computing ecosystem, or perhaps even 1,000? Estimates and suggestions, please.

Submission + - Just 250 Players in the Cloud Ecosystem, or...? (

jg21 writes: Given its status as the-Web's-most-prominent-site-to-have-so-very-few-posts-relating-to-Cloud-Computing, it might be fitting were Slashdot to be the only major site to showcase Cloud Computing Journal's list of "The Top 250 Players in the Cloud Computer Ecosystem." It isn't a comprehensive list, but it is a porous one: companies not included who wish to be can submit themselves right here on /. by posting their URL and (brief) claim to Cloud fame. The list will obviously grow. Perhaps even mushroom. But to how many? Are there ready 500 players in the Cloud Computing ecosystem...or maybe even 1,000? Your best estimates (as well as your suggestions) please!

Submission + - Has Intel Acquired Neocleus...or Hasn't It? (

jg21 writes: Virtualization Journal is asking whether yesterday's reports of Intel having acquired Neocleus might not perhaps have been premature. Reason being: the sole source of the news, the Neocleus company blog, has been taken down. Hoax, misunderstanding, or just a mistake — anyone out there know more about this?

Submission + - Say No To Wi-Fi at Technical Conferences

jg21 writes: In the wake of New York's 5th Cloud Expo, Java veteran and Flex expert Yakov Fain has kick-started a campaign advocating the banning of Wi-Fi from all technical conferences. In a world where business-critical email comes via BlackBerries and iPhones etc., Fain's logic is impeccable: all attendees are doing is casually browsing the Internet, twitting, facebooking, blogging while attending technical presentations, so what's the Wi-Fi for? [From the article: "Is this why you or your employer paid for the ticket? I don't think so."].

Submission + - Cloud Computing: Ubiquitous...or Non-Existent? (

jg21 writes: Depending on who you believe, cloud computing is either ubiquitous in both enterprise and consumer IT, or doesn't really exist at all as a separate product category. According to this article, recent weeks have seen an unprecedented concentration of Cloud-related articles, blogs, tweets, and events, and — more importantly — of product releases, partnership announcements, and M&A activity. But former PowerSoft/Sybase CEO recently claimed that there really is no specific "cloud computing' sector." Both viewpoints can't be right — so which interpretation are we to believe?

Submission + - Cloud Computing Doesn't Exist (

jg21 writes: The former founder and CEO of Powersoft, venture capitalist Mitchell Kertzman, claims today that Cloud Computing doesn't exist. His opinion was sought along with that of other software executives still employed full-time in the trenches of Enterprise IT. From his 35,000-foot perch as Managing Director of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Kertzman acknowledges that his view is "contrarian." [From the article: "There really is no specific 'cloud computing' sector. I think that the lines between SaaS, PaaS, etc., virtualization and cloud computing are fuzzy and indistinct. To some extent, cloud is an overlay on virtualization, allowing dynamic elasticity for provisioning and deprovisioning, but that doesn't make it a separate sector."]

Submission + - The Economics of Federal Cloud Computing Analyzed (

jg21 writes: With $20BN about to be spent by the Federal Government on IT infrastructure investments, this highly analytical article by two Booz Allen Hamilton associates makes it clear that Cloud computing has now received full executive backing and offers clear opportunities for agencies to significantly reduce their growing data center and IT hardware expenditures. President Obama's America is going distinctly cloudy! [From the article: "A few agencies are already moving quickly to explore cloud computing solutions and are even redirecting existing funds to begin implementations ... Agencies should identify the aspects of their current IT workload that can be transitioned to the cloud in the near term to yield "early wins" to help build momentum and support for the migration to cloud computing."]

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