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Comment It doesn't matter (Score 1) 448

GET OTHER MANAGERS ON SIDE FIRST. Users just want a computer to use. If you're going to change what they are used to, you'll have to get them sold on the solution. It doesn't have to be like Windows - in fact, if you can find a 'simpler' user interface to use - use it. If you're a geek - you might understand the paradigms that the OS is using - but the end user might not. But also remember that end users aren't morons, and can cope with something different - if they're given the support they need in changing a major way in how they work. This is where having other mangers on side is so important. If their staff are going to take a performance hit, and need retraining on the way they do their day to day jobs, you WILL need them on side.

Comment Re:What if... (Score -1, Troll) 1009

My attitude is this; modern encryption provides an almost unbreakable lock. There is a consequence of using a lock of this perfection - "forgetting" the password whether deliberately or accidentally isn't a good enough reason to deny the court the evidence that they have required. If you are unable to remember that password, or ensure some other back door is in place then you should seriously consider whether you should be using encryption that strong.

Comment Re:Please just die (Score 1) 201

>>I'm sick of the being asked which two of the same collection of over-exposed "real world" guns I want to carry THIS. OH SO MUCH THIS! I've served. I've fired an M4. I've fired an SA80 in anger. Playing with a mock one, on screen does nothing for me. Give me the gravity gun. give me the portal gun. Give me something creative. Don't give me something real world which is skinned, which I'll tell you why it's not realistic enough.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 0) 311

"Would you like to be extradited to a country like China"

European Arrests Warrants do not cover China. The EU has a treaty in place, that essentially say, that an arrest warrant in any member of the treaty acts as an arrest warrant across the entire EU. The assumption is, that all European countries that are signatory to the treaty provide adequate protections as enshrined in the ECHR.

To accuse the TPB judge of not being able to make a fair trial would be a serious charge - and to counter it, most countries - including Sweden - have appeal courts, and supreme courts. TPB lost in those courts too.

The Police in Sweden have issued an arrest warrant for him - it doesn't mean, can we come to your house, or ask questions over a video link - it's you're coming down to the station to answer questions. All EAW's do is extend that from the country in question, to the entire EU.

Comment Re:OK its even worse (Score 1) 286

It should be a condition of employment, that unless there is a relationship already between teacher and student, then the teacher should not knowingly accept a student as a friend on social media. There isn't need for any law. Post school relationships with students are a difficult one, especially romantic ones that may well have started whilst the student was still a student.

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