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Comment Re:Dear Editors (Score 1) 123

The reason why this new word usage takes favor is because of computer search.

The most correct way to track discussion topics across multiple mediums would be to create a centralized database and then you request an identifier whenever you want to discuss a new topic. And you use that new ID in your tweets and posts. Because IDs are unique, it is easy to track the beginning and end of the discussion -- just Google for AA536410-7827-4F4A-8F84-F33EE892D9E4 and all those discussions will come right up.

Of course it would be easier to have a decentralized topic identification system. This is what hashtags are and single word tags are preferred. And dieselgate sounds nicer than dieselscandal.

Comment Japan (Score 1) 584

Would anybody like to comment on other countries where culture and law may make this more palatable?

The first that comes to mind for me is Japan and the women-only subway cars. I would like to ask if anyone knows more about the culture there and whether that rule could be extended in this way.

Comment Easy (Score 1, Insightful) 87

There are two simple technical solutions:

  • Blacklist -- attempt to blacklist known exit nodes
  • No Blacklist -- do not attempt to blacklist known exit nodes

The motivation between choosing between these solutions is based on whether Tor users, which use server resources, are returning value (product sales, other calls to action) to the people that provide those resources.

Therefore the solution is simply to inform each client of Cloudflare client and let them individually decide the correct course.

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