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Comment Incumbent wins (Score 3, Interesting) 404

An alternate reading of this news produces the following news:

  * Government agencies and political parties have continued the discussion without a modicum of doubt on document authenticity.
  * Agencies have successfully dominated news cycles on this topic and zero discussion has been made regarding DNC primaries tampering.
  * No mass media has mentioned, let alone considered why, Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Communications Director Luis Miranda, Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall and Chief Executive Amy Dacey all resigned from DNC.

That is the real news in my opinion.

Comment I protest (Score 2, Interesting) 310

Whereas my agreements with temporary tenants are mutually consensual
and there are no complaints from my neighbors
and justification for this law is to control housing prices
now therefore I do not recognize the legislature's authority to make this regulation.

I will continue to rent out my room in short terms. But I will now call it a long-term lease with early cancellation provisions. Or I will call it a house sale with temporary back-out period. Or I'll call it housesitting.

This generation is finally getting involved in local politics in the best way. They are circumventing the letter of unjust laws and following the spirit of the correct constitution. This demonstrates knowledge of law, civil disobedience and allegiance to the constitution, what could be better?

Comment Re:MSM and social media are in the bag for the DNC (Score 3, Insightful) 437

What sources are you seeing fair reporting?

Some sources I have read that are usually decent but are failing on this election:

  * The Economist -- does not investigate complaints about Trump and parrots the left's analysis; does not acknowledge any criticism of HRC
  * The Intercept -- reporting on Trump includes thorough analysis and opinion, reporting on facts critical of HRC include no analysis or commentary

In fact the only balanced piece I have seen written was in Glamour magazine's op-ed written by the editor! It explained the contemplative process of voting in this election on page one and explained the issues voters face. Then page two was a bunch of claptrap about how women need to vote for a woman.

Comment Be a dick (Score 5, Interesting) 90

If it were me, I would be a fucking dick about it.

Dear FBI, we may or may not be allow to discuss a letter we may or may not have received from you. Could you please confirm whether or not you have sent us a letter after November 2 2014 and before November 4 2014 where the first sentence of the letter was "Dear Yahoo, we are writing to you to demand your"?

Dear FBI, we may or may not be allow to discuss a letter we may or may not have received from you. Could you please confirm whether or not you have sent us a letter after November 2 2014 and before November 4 2014 where the second sentence of the letter was "complete cooperation on maters of national security"? ...

And all of these letters would be sent from the Yahoo Japan office.

The long term solution is to ensure that matters of security require, by design, cooperation of multiple corporate executives in different jurisdictions. Oh you want to compel me to sign a custom operating system that breaks into one iPhone? No problem, I will cooperate, and as soon as you get our other executive in Russia to cooperate then the binary will be signed.

Comment Re:Net Neutrality Sucks (Score 3) 42

Lol. Just in case anyone is taking this seriously:

  * Comcast's most recently completed year completed with $8.2B in net income. More than 10% of revenue. That's a lot, they surely are not restricted from investing in physical infrastructure
  * Charging by the byte is not a complaint of net neutrality supporters. However this is a problem if certain bytes are charged but others aren't.

Comment Modules (Score 1) 148

For anyone that is writing Swift 3 modules (that other people will use in their projects):

You may be interested in this template and recipe that explains how exactly to set up your project and Xcode settings properly.

It is at: https://github.com/fulldecent/... /selfpromo

Hopefully Swift 4 and other updates will not require every developer to redo everything each time.

Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 564

If I owned a small island nation somewhere and Apple offered me $1M to have its profits (which only mean something on paper) recognized in my country I would be happy.

I would be grateful for the $1M and the fact that $1M is small compared to $14.5B means nothing to me.

This seems to be the same situation Ireland is in.

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