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Comment Re:Fine (Score 1) 104

Most stuff on youtube isn't worth a dime any way... Hateful or not.

I don't know about most stuff. I find the tutorials on how to do stuff around the house pretty useful when the washing machine won't drain. Also, there are some rare clips of musical performances from years gone by that are impossible to find anywhere else (Bill Evans Quartet playing in someone's living room in Finland comes to mind)

But the videos advertisers are running away from are the ones where some guy in his mom's basement is looking into a camera and telling you his Very Important Opinions on why bitches are ruining video games or something.

If you read some of the AC comments above "The blacks have lower IQs. FACT!" you get an idea of why the entire YouTube jackoff culture might turn off people with money to spend (advertisers). I'm not sure it's fair to blame Google or YouTube for the fact that the advertisers choose to look for other avenues.

By the way, here is an excerpt from the Bill Evans video I referenced. For jazz musicians and fans, this is like finding the Dead Sea Scrolls. Eddie Gomez is especially impressive on bass.

Comment Re: I didn't notice (Score 1) 104

They can provide a subscription service

YouTube does provide a subscription service. YouTube Red.

I've been test-driving Google Play Music as an alternative to Spotify recently, and subscribing to Google Play Music includes a subscription to YouTube Red. It's nice to not worry about ads or anti-adblock measures from YouTube any more. It's a couple of bucks a month and for people who watch a lot of YouTube, it's pretty reasonable.

Comment Re:The signs are there (Score 1) 87

It doesn't really matter if they have talks or not - Turkey cannot join the EU in it's current state, because to join you have to legally fulfil certain conditions and that's enshrined in the very treaties that underly the existence of the EU in the first place.

The EU's hope is that by continuing talks it'll force Erdogan to backtrack, because he simply has to to join, there's no way to achieve movement on that without getting agreement to change the fundamental treaties that underpin the EU, and that requires referendums in some member states. Getting 27 member states to agree to change the founding legal requirements of the EU to allow a dictatorship in would be hard enough at the best of times, much less when you have to get the people of some countries to agree too when there's so much anti-Turkish sentiment at the moment in the EU anyway since Erdogan decided to declare entire EU states to be nazis.

So long story short, talks or not doesn't matter - the point is that Turkey simply cannot join the EU without sorting itself out, therefore the EU is probably in a better place to try and convince Turkey to change track by keeping that on the table, than by taking it off the table which will give Erdogan all the excuse he needs to carry on Turkey's descent into authoritarianism.

So the GP might not be entirely correct but his point remains all the same - contrary to the OP's implication that the EU is about to let a dictatorship in, that simply cannot happen without every nation and a majority of citizens in some nations agreeing to it and if that happens then the EU is basically fucked regardless, because something weird would've had to have happened for a majority of say, Belgians, to accept free movement of citizens from a middle eastern Islamic dictatorship.

Comment Re:Bullshit. (Score 1) 129

I know that this is a novel concept in this day and age, but some of us are still capable of understanding that closed source doesn't prevent reverse engineering of the product, it merely makes it harder.

Something being closed source doesn't mean it's a closed book, that's why we've had everything from DVD Jon to hacked Playstations over the years.

Comment Re: But how will I trick investors!?! (Score 4, Insightful) 234

I can design a system that is a Star Trek style Communicator that is also a computer more powerful than today's multi-million dollar Supercomputers, fits in your pocket, and will run on battery power for days*.

* Circa 1970

Today's "youth" have no perspective. It's you know your technology history you DO NOT doubt such claims. Do you have any idea how far we have progressed in less than half a human lifetime? Do you not get that the advancement of technology has far been non-linear to the point of being almost exponential?

Comment Libtard thermometers (Score 0) 157

Thermometers are just tools of libtard propaganda. I mean, how can I possibly have a so-called "fever" if my feet are cold? Where are the peer-reviewed scientific papers that show thermometers aren't a hoax? And I don't mean in libtard fake "scientific" journals like Nature, but in legitimate journals like this one:

Trump needs to outlaw thermometers, is what.

Comment Re:BeauHD, can we get some programming subs? (Score 1) 90

I'm not going to create yet another online account just to submit content here to you for free!

Wait a minute. You're complaint is that you don't want to submit content for free but you want more articles about an open source programming language?

You might want to think that through.

Comment Re:Bleep this (Score 2) 34

(Fucking salt lamps, really? I knew people were stupid, but come on)

One of my neighbors got a salt lamp for Christmas and put it on the curb for garbage pickup by New Year's Eve. I saw it when I was walking the dog and snatched it up. I was hoping to wrap it again and re-gift it to someone as a gag, but my wife saw it and plugged it in. Now it sits as a night light on the counter in the hallway going to the bathroom. True story.

I don't know about any health benefits, but it is strangely attractive. A light bulb inside a lump of salt. Who would've thunk it?

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