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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 803

If it is ever used, it could mean the end of the world is nigh.

Or not. The world didn't end with the K-T Boundary Event (big rock falling out of the sky, causing explosion a fair number of orders of magnitude larger than the Tsar Bomba).

It won't even end civilization, though it might do a job on Western Civilization....

Comment Re:A well-written headline (Score 2) 68

The whole point of a headline is to be attention-getting. If you can make it clever, all the better. Nuclear Plants Leak is pure gold. Don't pretend people don't make jokes about how wind farms are hot air yuk yuk yuk. On the other hand, if you're a bit sensitive about jokes about nuclear plants leaking, well... u mad, bro?

LIke "Thousands killed by solar power"? Which, by the way, is true. Getting killed falling off a roof while installing solar panels is a more common way of dying than from a nuclear accident (total casualties in the USA due to civilian nuclear power: zero. Note the word "civilian". There was a military tet reactor that fit into a bathrub that managed to kill three people when they failed to follow procedure doing maintenance))....

Comment Re:BULLSHIT US saved Russia (Score 2) 801

Russia contribute man power and equipment like tanks that the west has no concept of. For example there were literally 10x more Russian armies when Germany surrended. The truth is Russia WON ww2 by blood and guts.

Did you know that the USA sent Russia more than 10K tanksin WW2? And airplanes? And food/fuel/etc?

Russian tank production in WW2 was roughly comparable to US tank production, by the way.

And there were definitely 10x more Russian armies than German armies at the end of WW2. But not 10x more than American Armies. Don't forget that, for all the Europe First talk, most of the American effort was spent fighting Japan. So, we did the whole Second Front thing (and the Africa thing and the Italy thing) with the leftovers from the War in the Pacific thing....

And yes, the Russians won WW2 by blood and guts. Mostly because they had a nasty habit of executing competent generals (who might be a threat to Glorious Leader).

Never doubt that the Soviet contribution to WW2 was important. Decisive? That's arguable. Though there's a strong argument that Soviet participation in WW2 saved Germany from being hit with multiple atomic bombs....

Comment Re:resistance is futile (Score 1) 212

But that was exactly my point - that Greece's economy had not reached an equivalent maturity of France and Germany's, and they rushed through their entrance to the euro regardless of them not being ready. Had they instead waited and said, "You're not ready yet", then Greece would've had an incentive to make it's economy actually ready and join at a later date when it had undergone the necessary changes, hence precisely why it was a rushed state of affairs. They turned a blind eye to Greece's known problems because they just wanted to rush ahead with things.

Comment Not quite (Score 1) 182

The more people are able to get away with stuff, the more they do it. If you keep getting away with lying, cheating, and dishonest behavior, the more likely you are to test the limits. The more you are able to bull*shit other people, the bigger shovel you try to use. Eventually, this all catches up with you.

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