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Submission + - Poll topic: What's your ISP data cap?

RogueWarrior65 writes: There have been several articles in 2016 written about ISP data caps and cable-based ISP's using them as a way to a) protect their TV revenue and b) make money in the wake of net neutrality. So what's your ISP's monthly data cap? 300GB, 400GB, 500GB, 600GB, 1TB, Unlimited? Post in comments details about where people live. Are data caps lower in rural areas?

Comment While I don't totally disagree (Score 4, Insightful) 293

E-mails? Really? THAT's Apple's problem? And spouting off about HTML in e-mails? HTML is total inconsistent crap. What looks fine to one user on one platform and one browser looks totally different to another. That said, this post reminds me of the time that Steve Jobs came into a meeting as asked what some particular software product was supposed to do. After receiving an answer he said, "Can anyone tell me why the f*ck it doesn't do that?" Apple has indeed lost its way. They have all but abandoned the power users and power developers (there are plenty of things that Android developers have access to that iOS developers don't). Why the hell did Apple buy Beats? Seems like they're focusing on trying to make the next big thing and that's sucking all the resources away from other product lines.

Comment Data caps make high-speed useless (Score 1) 48

For many years, I had a paltry 12 megabit DSL service. One day it went out and the company said it would take FIVE days before a tech could come out to look at it. I told them that that was unacceptable and I switched over to cable modem on the grounds that a) I would be getting 100 megabit and b) it would be slightly cheaper. What I didn't realize is that I was only given 300 gig per month of data which I burned through in about 2-3 weeks. I quickly figured out that this is how they are screwing over their customers. Internet-based TV would be pretty much impossible. But even so, I discovered that my DSL provider has a data cap too. It's 600 gig per month though. I live in a fairly rural city and none of my urban-dwelling friends have data caps at all. Having high bandwidth with a low data cap is like owning a Ferrari when you live in Manhattan. You might be able to go really fast for a couple of blocks but that's it.

Comment Unintended consequences (Score 1) 210

And then there are the unintended consequences. ITAR has been around for decades but only in the last few years has it gotten so out of hand that even a standard commercial off-the-shelf screw that you can buy in Home Depot can be considered a controlled item simply because it's part of a complete product that is controlled. What's worse, the powers-that-be want to restrict online discussions of firearms on the grounds that such behavior can be considered technology transfer never mine the fact that that kind of information has been freely available for as long as ITAR has existed.

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