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Comment Pollution != Climate Change (Score 1) 649

Cutting down pollution is fine as long as everybody has to do it. Pouring oil down the drain in one place isn't less polluting than in another place because there is a law on the books in that place and not in the other. The point being that so-called developing countries don't get a pass on emissions just because they are developing countries. To do so is nothing more than fascist economics. When China and India have to meet precisely the same standards at precisely the same time, then I will believe that climate change is something other than wealth redistribution and a basis for non-productive individuals to attain power.

Comment Re:Don't be afraid of this! (Score 4, Insightful) 526

B.S. If conservatives wanted to censor the internet, they had 20+ years to do so. Ask yourself who is doing the censoring on college campuses these days. I'll save you the trouble of not answering the question and inform you that it's not conservatives.
The bottom line is this: ICANN as it has been for the past 20+ years isn't broken and doesn't need changing.

Comment Re:Why is a 4K movie as important as medical data? (Score 1) 199

But Net Neutrality as it currently exists precludes a customer from being able to buy a high-priority pipe. I'm not talking about capacity. I'm talking about prioritizing non-commercial/public-safety traffic in the same way that you get the hell off the road when an ambulance is passing by.

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