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Comment No power-whining (Score 1) 557

It comes down to this: if you're going to be in the business of making life-changing predictions, you'd better do a good job and own up to it when you fail. Miss Cleo was busted by the FTC for deceptive trade practices. The Weather Channel should think of Breitbart as their version of the FTC.

Comment Couple of thoughts (Score 1) 320

First, it wouldn't surprise me if Apple wasn't involved in this from inception on the grounds that rival companies have been copying Apple within weeks of a new product release if not before. Ergo, Foxconn in China must be the leakiest place on the planet. China is also one of the worst places for intellectual property rights. So, by manufacturing in the U.S., Apple might be able to maintain control over the IP. Maybe.
Second, with regards to people laughing when Trump initially said that Apple would be making product in country, given his deep business experience, he likely knew this was going to happen early on. Good business people know things before everyone else does.

Comment Two things wrong with this (Score 1) 773

First, even though this is a conspiracy theory, there is some historical fact on which it is based. This goes back to the days of Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd engaging in the waitress sandwich. No prizes for pointing out the obvious hypocrisy. But the second and much much larger problem is how non-law-enforcement citizens are increasingly engaging in vigilantism. This case is that of one person but when one group decides to target the livelihood of a person because that person won't toe the group's ideological line, that's a very very dangerous behavioral pattern.

Comment Still doesn't solve the problem (Score 1) 113

The problem is political zealots posting unsolicited political crap that all their "friends" are forced to endure. Whether that crap is true or false or misleading is irrelevant. The goal should to to get people back to talking about their lives like people used to do when they got together in meatspace and before it was so easy to hide behind the keyboard.

Comment This explains George Soros' motivation (Score 0) 560

Say what you want about conspiracy theories but when a guy as evil and manipulative with a history of changing countries to suit his own warped view of the world keeps pushing recreational marijuana around the US, you know that he's well aware that people with weaker mental faculties are less likely to oppose him. Think of Soros as Darth Sidious and marijuana is his version of The Force having a powerful influence over the weak-minded.

Comment The entire diet & exercise industry is a scam (Score 2) 172

The whole industry is predicated on you not losing weight in a short period of time and keeping it off without you continually having to buy their products. If you lost weight in six months by using a product that reset your metabolic rate to a faster rate permanently, you wouldn't need to buy that product anymore (and they've lost a revenue stream). Think this sounds crazy? Consider how many things in your life that you never actually own but rather pay "rent" on every month. You don't pay for just the electricity or water you use. You cough up a mandatory service fee every month. So in a way you rent your utilities. Same with your cellphone and internet access. Same with your car particularly if you haven't paid it off. Think you own your house because you paid off your mortgage? Think again. You're paying property tax (a form of rent) and insurance (another form of rent). More and more businesses are changing over to subscription models, basically rent. Health insurance is yet another form of rent and an expensive one at that and by extension, your health itself is being rented. Ultimately, you're renting an attractive body (not a healthy weight), by paying for a gym membership and/or Weight Watchers. Welcome to The Machine.

Comment No measurement of the tone (Score 1) 212

Were more people interacting with these news sites in a positive way or a negative one? For example, say Breitbart posts a story saying something positive about Trump. Where there more Likes or "dislikes" (angry, sad, haha) on Facebook? That information could tell you a lot about the mood of the Facebook voter.

Comment Lots of people thought ill of Asians in college (Score 1) 805

If you were an American suburban high-school graduate attending college for the first time, tell me you didn't curse the Asian kids who regularly blew the bell curve. That said, why Americans didn't learn anything about focus, hard work, and determination from that experience is the question the American educational system should be asking.

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