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Comment My phone does this now (Score 1) 119

I've got a Panasonic land-line phone that does this now. The only downside is that the block list is limited to 30 numbers.
What I really want is for the cellular companies to get off their ass and implement caller ID. Further, I want Apple to add live number lookup and a one-touch way to google a phone number in my recent list instead of forcing me to copy & paste the text. How hard is that?!

Comment Why does one get paid? (Score 1) 1124

Until you can honestly answer that question, you don't understand economics. You get paid for contributing something. You don't get paid because you spent 40 hours of your week in an office. You get paid because what you contribute has value to someone else. Only the payee has the right to decide what that contribution is worth. Oh, sure, the worker can demand that they get paid more but the payee can tell that person to go pound sand... in a free market system. So, a universal basic income means one of two things: Either your mere existence in the world is valuable or the money is worth that much less. The former is B.S. The latter only proves that universal basic income is inherently inflationary.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 2) 414

Yeah, well, I'll remember that next time a 2-year old wanders away from his home and winds up dead face down in a slag pit because the mother was too stoned to pay attention to the kid. I'll remember that next time another 2-year old dies because the kid's guardian overdosed the kid to get him to shut up and then dumps the body in the middle of the night. I have personally spent more than a week searching for both of these kids. Don't ever give me this crap about it being a victimless crime.

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