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Comment Re:Life is better with AMP (Score 1) 56

It isn't just that, though. It breaks site navigation.

And if it's a site like reddit, I can't interact with reddit the way I normally do, and I can't easily move from the amp version to the reddit version.

My simple solution: that little "x" in the Amp navigation bar, make it close the amp envelope and drop me in the regular site.

Comment Re:While I don't totally disagree (Score 3, Interesting) 293

In the early aughts, around os 10.2, Apple was all about designing and supporting hardware and software for high end producers. G4 and G5 Mac desktops were unbelievably awesome machines, OS X was super stable with all the functionality of Unix available, final cut pro, logic and aperture were state of the art and fun to use.

And the tiBook, while not the fastest, was surely the awesomest laptop a person could own.

Later, the 12" powerbook.

The fail seemed to set in about five years ago. It's a good example of what happens when you don't have good competition, cf Windows Vista.

Comment Re: They have six hundred billion dollars (Score 1) 293

An iPhone can be a rational choice. It depends on the consumer's values. Apple limits customization, perhaps, and might "lose" on some raw specs, but it wins on style for many people, also many people value the status which iPhone confers, as well as arguably more security.

If you are concerned that valuing style and status are irrational, you may be right, but your time among humans will probably be unpleasant.

Comment Re:how often are Mac Pro's upgraded? (Score 1) 293

To add to your sentiment, the high end of the curve brings in more than just the revenue for its sales, and Apple should be smart enough to calculate this.

Plus, the people developing apps for their other, big revenue generating products need computers worth using for development.

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