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Comment Re:Free Market (Score 1) 167

Your point is well taken. The problem is, with something like broadband, just like with roads, it is very reasonable to conclude that it would be best to have a limited number of operators, maybe even just one. The government then has a challenge to understand the "industry," without relying on the industry itself.

I conclude, based largely on a resource allocation viewpoint, that having a single provider is most efficient, if we can minimize the profiteering. An important tool in that fight is transparency. And government can be effective at enforcing that kind of transparency on others, if not always itself.

Comment Re:Under what authority? (Score 1) 298

Under the law, no one may prevent speech "because they don't like one of the performers." In practice, though, there are many legal reasons to regulate the "time, place and manner" of "free" speech. I don't know for certain, but I suspect some variation on "preventing criminal activity" qualifies.

Remember, legal does not mean "just" or "good for society" or "morally righteous." It does, however, mean legal.

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