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Comment Re: Oh, the irony! (Score -1, Troll) 207

My god you people are fucking stupid. Your hate of the US is so strong you refuse to acknowledge reality. Yes, the US engages in mass surveillance. So do the EU and Australia. Edward Snowden talked about the fourteen eyes, which includes much of the EU. In fact, EU countries that are left out of these surveillance pacts want in very much. There is one huge difference, though, between the fourteen eyes and Russia. The fourteen eyes aren't actively cracking down on human rights and political dissidents. I'm free to criticize Obama heavily without fear of government retribution. Canadian, Australian, and EU citizens enjoy the same freedoms with their respective governments. Russia, however, does not tolerate criticism of its government nearly as much. Speak out against Putin there and see what happens; it won't turn out well for you. Expressions of homosexuality are also heavily restricted and Russia has a horrible record of LGBT rights. So many people here are blinded by their hatred of the US that they're willing to praise a country with Russia's record for admitting their mass surveillance. This is part of why Slashdot is fucking unreadable these days. There is absolutely no way we should be praising Russia at all for this.

Noone is praising Russia, you drooling moron.

Being against something does not automatically mean being for something else, you mongoloid.

Also, make sure not to read anything that does not conform to your way of thinking. it might offend you and make you drool.

Comment Re:Yawn. (Score 1) 476

So why haven't these been shut down? How many of them asked Trump's permission before using his likeness? Let me guess: free speech for me, but not for thee, right?

Did you even bother reading what the story is about, or you are just going to bleat until you drop dead? You are annoying as fuck and provide nothing but noise.

I am not american (or anything close, so no I am not a Bernie/Clinton/Trump/whatever fan) and don't give a flying fuck about any of the candidates, but your pointless spam is really annoying.

Comment Been doing this for few weeks now (Score 4, Interesting) 867

I had to travel recently, so I took a laptop with clean Windows 8.1 Pro install.

At my destination, I've purchased a SIM (they only had 1GB data packages) and put it into the 3G/wifi router I carry.

I powered the laptop, connected to Internet via said router, checked few things, then went away for few hours.

When I got back to apartment, my data package (and Internet connectivity) was killed because Microsoft idiots decided to start downloading Windows 10 even though I have explicitly closed/rejected all the 'offers'.

Those retards did not take into account the possibility that not everyone running Windows is on unlimited broadband data package. Great planning there.

At home I did a plain install of 8.1 on another computer, and same thing happened - even though I explicitly rejected everything related to Windows 10, idiots made it so download starts anyway. I had to 'hide' the Windows 10 in Windows Update in order to stop it from being downloaded.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 70

Yes, I know some people just use Tor because they don't want the government watching them, but I block Tor on general principal. Most of the traffic coming out of Tor is malicious. The only exception would be if I was running a site with information I wanted to provide to oppressed countries.

You have access to all outgoing Tor traffic?


Comment Chromecast requires Internet connection (Score 1) 158

Be aware, Chromecast doesn't let you stream anything unless it is connected to a Wifi network that has Internet access.

Obviously, Google needs to know what you are streaming from your laptop to your TV in order to provide 'best user experience', I guess.

They failed to mention this requirement anywhere on the box, but they mention "steam local content" quite few times.

So, just be aware of it before you buy.

I got screwed, since wanted to stream content from laptop in place where I don't have Internet. Whoops.

Comment Re:Oh mozilla (Score 1) 351

In my experience most companies do not implement features for fun. They do it because it's feedback they received from a large number of users. The fact that it can be disabled pretty much closes the case in my opinion but I guess some purist fanatics will complain.

And what would that experience be?

In which company did/do you work, which implemented features because of feedback received from a large number of users?

Comment Re:Because of the action of a few ... (Score 4, Insightful) 195

That's the price all of us have to pay when we, the majority, cannot and/or dare not to, control the action of the few

No matter if it's USA or France of Belgium or the Netherlands or Germany, as long as our society can not (and/or dare not to) confront those Islamists and get them to ditch their barbaric behavior, all of us will suffer

Yes, governments are trying to get more control over you and intelligence agencies are wanting more powers because of actions of few Islamists.

I will never stop being amazed at human naivety.

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