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Comment Re:What's good for the goose (Score 5, Insightful) 756

For someone who's not /really/ a democrat, he still seems to have done more to help the party platform long term than any of the current batch of (D) politicians it appears.
He's stumping hard for Hillary against Trump, kept his word that he would, and is loyally working hard with the party that supposedly he's not got anything to do with.
He asked for lots, got less, but the things he was fighting for Hillary's picked up and ran with. So I see that as a win.
I wish more politicians were not really a democrat as much as Sanders is.

Comment (Score 1) 331

Was in a company when the decision to go either the new Visual .net Basic or C# came up. Most of the coders wanted to stick to VB, even though the company was willing to shell out decent money for training for all of us. The ONLY way I got sense into them was saying "that'd be great, because if you look at the job sites, it looks like VB .net coders earn a lot less than C# coders, so we can get contractors at a far better rate to help us out with this big project" and even then I had to let it sit with a few of them for some time before they got it.

Comment Where to start... (Score 3, Interesting) 351

Got hooked, like many here I'm sure, playing on a 386. Had to crank down the quality to half, and knock down the screen display by a few notches to make it playable. Didn't matter, was soon ignoring the world around me. Would get up in morning, clear Doom before going downstairs for a pee, it became instinct. Then speedrunning through Doom2 before going to sleep. Every day. For months.
And the Doom dreams.... Don't tell me no-one else, when playing crazy amounts, wouldn't have dreams where the movement was Doom, the fast speeds, the strafing. Could be a regular other dream, but the movement would snap me out of it.

At Uni, we had a trip down to..hmm. can't remember if it was Birmingham or London, some tradeshow. Met the lovely David McCandless and the rest of the PCPro?(PCGamer? PCZone? Was a bit ago), and didn't do too bad. Everyone else was bitching about the 486's running slow, but after being used to 386, it was fantastic. Got through to the end of the informal matches, just McCandless beating me. Got a few freebies that were much appreciated.

Got into making own levels for when we had a lan party. The local shopping mall level was very popular (so wish I could find it again).

Left Uni not long after, got a job, then had a funny phone call out of the blue. "Hello, you don't know me, but I'm a producer for a TV show about computer games, and we heard you could make levels, we're based in Leeds, could you come and make a level of the studio for us please?" "Sure, uhm, how did you even begin to get my number?" "well, we rang directory enquiries for iD's number in the US and the guy asked us what for, when we told them we wanted a level, he said it'd be unlikely they'd have time, but he knew a guy... and so we're ringing you!" (thanks Malcom!). Funnily enough, was dating a girl from Leeds and was there most weekends anyway. Got to see some film they covered the tix at the cinema for, got to see the Playstation and play Tekken before it was released in the UK ("this is going to change everything!"), and made some levels. The other guy they contacted to make the monsters look like the presenters ended up being the Doom UK champ for a few years, but never got chance to meet him.

Was an amazing game, it was all down to getting it working that I got a network card, learned how to configure it, first ipx/spx, then later tcp/ip, that's come in very useful in my career. Enjoyed the creation of maps/monsters, that's also been a pastime in later years, nothing professional, but enough to amuse me.
Been a blast, BFG blast.

Comment Re:Hmmmmm (Score 1) 90

Phone ping tower, gov 'box of tricks' looks up IMEI of device and does a look up if a known phone. Stores time/imei/signal strength to DB. Looks up if device is 'known', if yes, carry on. If not listed (possible through mistake/someone visiting from Canada), 'ping' phone a bit more in depth/look up more records into foreign telcos to find out who that person is. Where have they been, check that imei to see where else it's been/what other wifi's it's connected to, 'ah, connected upto Starbucks? run the check on other DB to collate their FB login info/list of other websites checked'.
If this is matching a profile of an 'unregistered phone', do a few more 'pings' detection of the OS, can now find if it IS likely to be an unregistered phone. If police car nearby, route to location, using a picture pulled from the FB for a positive ID check.
or if you pull them over for something else, do the check and if using non-US approved spy phone, arrest on spot/plug in phone to 'slurp-App',
10 let intTerroristsFound = intTerroristsFound + 1;
20 subSendEmail(strGov,"Subject:more funding needed","another bad guy picked up, send moar money!");

most of this could be automated, found easily, and it's just what do they want to do with that information.

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