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Comment Re:That's not good law (Score 5, Interesting) 522

That was how the UK version of this law was made to look silly (even though it later passed of course).

An admission of a crime was made, written up, encrypted, and put on a USB(CD maybe) and sent to the Home Secretary. The police were then contacted and informed that the Home Secretary has, in his possession, an admission of a crime that requires a custodial sentence.
Technically, that he never had the keys to unlock it was irrelevant. He had an item that was an admission of a crime, he was duty bound to hand it over and unlock it, even though there's no way on earth he could. But the way the law was written, he was the one in trouble.

If this is allowed to stand, we now have the way for someone/anyone to send you an encrypted file (email/cookies), that will then get you found in contempt of court as you are unable to prove you can't unlock it.

Comment Re:Interesting story (Score 1) 553

Not really, the correct answer would be "I'm sorry, union rules means I can't freelance and offer work without an agreement in place to the pre-agreed rates. This 'early designing/random questions' is specifically prohibited. If you want me to do some work in the side by helping you with your problem here, you'll have to take it up with the office who probably force you to wait until the plumbings been put in".

Comment Re:Even better (Score 1) 103

They could default to installing a chrome .dll that has all the common pictures people upload (generic plate of food, someone pulling a duck face selfie), then just transmit the differences between their already stored, local, base picture, and the other pic. If it's close enough, then don't even do that, just show the double good selfie and/or the double plus ungood meme. Would save TB's a day.

Comment Re:Three decades? (Score 1) 766

Aye, I recall... hmm..dates might be a bit off, very very late 80's/early 90's using x-windows and having a method of a server rendering data to send to a dumb rendering client. Was a horrible binary mashup of the bare minimum RTF we wanted, some terrible in-house curses library and voodoo I think. We got something working for what we needed (make some remote x terminals show very very basic graphics/simple text formatting), but as soon as we saw a browser/html "Oh, that's what we've been using, but far better, lets change to that!" (well, as soon as the guy who wrote the hacked in house version of curses we used bogged off so we had the excuse of not trying to understand his mess). Tech often seem to be "Oh, that's what we were kinda doing in house, but working! With better documentation than our stuff!"

Comment Re:What's good for the goose (Score 5, Insightful) 756

For someone who's not /really/ a democrat, he still seems to have done more to help the party platform long term than any of the current batch of (D) politicians it appears.
He's stumping hard for Hillary against Trump, kept his word that he would, and is loyally working hard with the party that supposedly he's not got anything to do with.
He asked for lots, got less, but the things he was fighting for Hillary's picked up and ran with. So I see that as a win.
I wish more politicians were not really a democrat as much as Sanders is.

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