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Comment Re: Serious stupidity (Score 1) 179

Nuclear isn't a viable alternative. It's incredibly expensive to build and operate. Yes, it is largely emission free, but the other costs surrounding it simply do not make it a large scale alternative, at least not fission. And who knows when we'll ever have fusion reactors that can actually produce economically viable levels of power.

Comment Re:More "trust me" science (Score 1, Interesting) 179

Models have all predicted warming, and there is warming.

But really, I doubt you know fuck all about any of the models. I doubt you know anything about AGW, but go ahead, prove me wrong. Describe, in terms that those who actually do research in climatology would use, and with snarky references to Al Gore or "lefties", what exactly AGW theory states, and why exactly the theory makes those specific set of claims. I openly challenge you to demonstrate you know anything about the science you're attacking.

Comment That's the ideal...the reality is different (Score 1) 201

Capitalism is based on the idea that both sides agree to exchange what is promised, not merely something someone else thinks is close enough.

In reality though capitalism is based on the exchange of something which one side can persuade a court is good enough...which is one of the big problems with capitalism because typically one side can afford far more lawyers than the other. In this case what they provided was so far from what they promised that even an army of lawyers could not win the argument that it was good enough but note that they only got 30%, not 50%, of child care and there was zero compensation for the emotional damage to the family.

Comment Re:Just because you can doesn't mean you should (Score 1) 82

So let's get this straight. You have databases that optimize SQL queries because of the narrow scope of that language, and somehow you think throwing in random code blocks in some other language where optimization for the data set is just about impossible and you don't think you're going to get serious performance hits?

There are certainly times when stored procedures may be necessary, but I've made it my policy to avoid them wherever possible. Using convenience as an argument for overriding a pretty sound programming philosophy sounds like a recipe for shit performance.

Comment Re:Quantum entanglement (Score 1) 157

Nope. You need a classical communication channel just the same. The quantum channel is only capable of communicating uncontrollable random garbage.

Quantum-encrypted communication is no more useful in space than on earth, in fact it gets more resource-intensive the longer the link distance. Because the entanglement state travels faster than light (somewhere between 10,000c and "instantaneously"), and the classical channel that actually carries information is at light speed, if you wanted a quantum-encrypted radio link in space, you'd have a store a loooong history of the stream of random noise from the entangled electron, so that when a bit arrives after travelling 40 light-years you can look up what your electron's spin state was 40 years ago to decrypt it.

Comment Re: Louisiana is one big sinkhole (Score 1) 302

Why don't we deal with what scientists, rather than you going off on tangents about "alarmists" and seeming to accept the inevitability that which we could change. It's almost as if you don't actually want to deal with the science or the repercussions of human activities, but would rather play some pointless rhetorical game. I'll state right here that I don't give a fuck what Al Gore or Greenpeace says. They are not sources of information I go to, so throwing out what they say (or what you claim they say, since I don't recall any report that Al Gore said all the coast lines would be underwater by 2017) doesn't mean fuck all to me.

Yes, things change. Eventually the house you're living in will fall down. So I guess it's okay if I come and light in on fire, right?

Comment Re:Microsoft Has An Odd Obsession With The Cloud.. (Score 1) 67

What I don't get is why Google doesn't bring more of its apps to Windows. While I realize Chrome is a platform for Google apps, I'd love to have a Windows version of the actual GMail app for my Windows tablet, rather than the pretty shitty built-in Windows Mail app.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 261

From what I understand their thesis is that cops are wrongfully shooting too many black people. The reason the movement has sprung up now probably has to do with increasing sousveillance by people with cell phones, capturing irrefutable video evidence of incidents that could've been denied or covered up in the past.

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