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Comment Re:Those who something, something (Score -1) 515

. . . Twitter making a claim that they can not possibly back up. If congress passes a law to make it a legal requirement, Twitter will do it.

All that they've done here is made a political move that people like you have believed, yet it has exactly 0 substance behind it.

We already KNOW they sell data feeds to surveillance companies, and we already KNOW that even when they cut them off ... they sell the exact same data to a 'new' company, that just happens to have all the same employees as the old one last month ...

Twitter didn't do anything but lie and you bought it. The biggest failure in this discussion is you, for believing a word they said. Shame on you.

Comment Re:Zuckerberg created one thing, Bezos two (Score -1) 108

Bezos created amazon, a real company (an absolutely slime ball one, but different story) that provides services and goods. Bezos did something.

Zuckerberg stole someone elses idea and has lied, cheated, and otherwise fucked people over to get to where he is and the people who actually run his company are the ones that came from the funding he got. Zuckerberg didn't and does't do shit.

Musk was there for the founding of Paypal. Paypal was a .boom winner. He's nothing more than a lottery winner who then invested ... and by invested I mean lobbied congress for subsidies for Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity. He didn't create any of them, he funded people who knew what they were doing to create those companies using money he got by dumb luck.

If you think any of these people are impressive business men or people then you have no idea who much of business is shear dumb luck versus actual skills.

Bezos has creds, they other two have dumb luck and timing, nothing more. All of them are slimeballs.

If you pay attention to how they actually treat the world around them and turn off your fanboy long enough to realize they really didn't actually create any of the shit you give them credit for and a bunch of men and women you've never heard of actually are the ones who did it.

Do you think Kennedy is why we went to the moon too?

Comment They will do what the law requires (Score 0) 515

They can say whatever they want, but the truth of the matter is, if Trump makes it happen, if there is a law requiring it, twitter will fucking do it.

Reality: Money is more important than morals to the people who run twitter. If the law says they have to do it, and they don't, they will suddenly cease to exist as a business

The other tech companies didn't answer for that reason. Given the choice of 'comply with the law' or 'go out of business', they'll comply with the law. So will twitter, but twitter is openly willing to lie to you about it.

What that should tell you is that twitter is probably already doing it cause they clearly have no problem lying to people about what they will and won't do, consider them already compromised. We already know they do it and pretend to 'cut off' companies that get caught doing it. Ironically those 'cut off companies' go 'out of business' and all the employees suddenly start working at a new company with a twitter feed ... but twitter somehow doesn't notice.

Seriously, twitter IS ALREADY DOING IT.

Comment Not just a bad idea it's a sinister one (Score 3, Interesting) 61

It's less funny when you realize that they are developing a car that can project a "makeshift zebra crossing" onto the road directly in front of it. Why exactly would you want to entice pedestrians to walk out into the road directly in front of a car? Hmmm.

Comment Re:Curing Greed. (Score 1, Insightful) 443

Actually it was the curtailing of greed from the New Deal until just before Reagan was elected that created the middle class. Before and after that the middle class has always been wasting away as inequality was left unchecked to maximize itself, as it naturally does. The greed was curtailed due to political pressure from a credible communist rival. We need to learn to curtail greed once more to restore the middle class.

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