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How San Francisco Hazed a Tech Bro ( 653

An anonymous reader writes: In December 2013 San Francisco's tension with its surging tech class reached a breaking point. Protesters swarmed Google buses. They stood in front of Twitter carrying a coffin labeled "Affordable Housing." Google glassholes were on the rise. In the midst of this, the CEO and founder of AngelHack posted a rant about the homeless. "In downtown SF the degenerates gather like hyenas, spit, urinate, taunt you, sell drugs, get rowdy, they act like they own the center of the city," Greg Gopman wrote. He thought he was becoming a thought leader. Instead, the entire city turned against him. Reviled and suddenly unemployable, Gopman spent a quixotic year spinning up businesses to solve homelessness. His journey is weirdly emblematic of today's startup-fueled San Francisco.

Comment Save money (Score 2, Interesting) 474

Save money by firing all the "drivers" since they absolutely aren't necessary (the trains are automated; the only reason they keep the driver around is to push the "start" button as a concession to unions). Then reinvest that money in actual maintenance costs.

Comment Doesn't fit the SJW agenda (Score 0, Flamebait) 115

I'm not surprised. The fact that the vast majority of the winners were Asians and Whites doesn't fit the SJW agenda so the program had to be cancelled. Intel is more interested in hiring based on skin color rather than merit. Funny how Asians never seem to count as a minority as far as SJWs are concerned despite making up an even lesser amount of the US population than most other minorities.

Comment Dear Germany (Score 0) 728

The US invented the internet. We set the rules, not you.

This is precisely why the UN should never be able to get anywhere near the internet. For all the faults of the US, it has the strongest free speech protections of any country in the world by leaps and bounds. In Europe, free speech doesn't exist because it is illegal to hurt someone's feelings.

Comment Moronic (Score 5, Insightful) 157

This is a perfect example of over-engineering; designing something for flash rather than functionality. It reminds me of the Tesla and people getting locked out of their cars because someone thought it would be a good idea to have retracting door handles (complete with all the moving parts that can break down).

What is wrong with a simple slot for the pen? Why do you need an ejection mechanism? All that does is add unnecessary parts and over complicate the design.

Comment Fucking morons (Score 3, Insightful) 152

The sole advantage of Firefox over Chrome these days is the fact that it's add-on SDK allows addons to modify just about any part of the browser. Chrome extensions are extremely limited in what they do. How will things like FileZilla work with this new API?

I'm convinced that either the Mozilla Foundation is run by complete mental midgets or plants by Google who are determined to sabotage the browser until the whole foundation shuts down.

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