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Comment Re:Basic (Score 1) 616

Delphi, which is Borland Pascal for Windows

No. Borland Pascal was a rebrand of Turbo Pascal and was object oriented.

Delphi introduced Class and was a much stronger OO language. Syntactically it had a lot of overlap with Borland Pascal but it was very clearly a different language.

I programmed professionally in both. Delphi was an interesting deviation from what I'd done before; Delphi 2 really just stepped away in 'never coming back' way.

Comment Re: Fortran (Score 1) 616

Old enough to have not encountered a different language on a computer in your home first.

Fortran tended not to be available on the ZX81, vic-20, C64, Spectrum, Amiga or indeed most DOS or Windows based PCs, where most people first encounter a language, let alone the variants on Logo and other weird shit taught in schools.

Comment blantant-predator moral honeypot (Score 1) 171

A public act by an organization ignoring robots.txt will only lead to the justification of other organizations ignoring robots.txt.

So what? When DoubleClick argues that they ought to have the same advantages as, they'll only manage to look like douchebags reaching their filthy hands into a cookie jar.

It's not always a bad thing to set up douchebag-honeypot moral exemption, even if it does depend on the mass audience (mostly) managing to find two sticks to rub together.

The real solution here is to make the directives in robots.txt more explicit concerning the predatory/non-predatory use cases.

Comment Buzzword Bingo (Score 1) 338

As of this posting I cannot find
Globalist, Soros, NWO, MSM, Islam, Cuck, Antifa, MAGA, Zionist, Jews, ((())), kek, Pepe, gay frog, Bankster, WWIII, Feminazi
I can find
Elites, Trump, Obummer. Liberal, Policy, Banks

On the basis of this information I conclude that there are more intelligent people on Slashdot than on most internet forums. Though if I had wanted a floating box docked to the top right of the screen obscuring what I was reading I would have fcuking asked for it.

Comment thou shalt not deviate (Score 1) 70

I once read a book by Linda Hill that I personally found amazingly valuable, but only because I was careful not to light any matches, because her presentation was dry, dry, dry.

Because of the Indian incompetence story here on Slashdot this morning, I went to paste a link into my files, and chanced upon a past entry concerning HCL Technologies, a topic that Linda Hill has addressed in video, and soon I found myself watching a clip of hers on YouTube I hadn't seen before.

Linda Hill on empowering young sparks at HCL — July 2016

The problem in India with the educational system is that the system dictates and student repeats. ... We all had to unlearn how we were educated. And the leaders had to unlearn what they thought leadership was about. Because if you grow up in that kind of system, when you're a leader what you think your role is, is that you're supposed to set direction and make sure nobody deviates from it. That's fundamentally how they saw their role.

And here we have this Wikipedia article, where the unstated premise seems to be "Surprise! Derf-derf-derf, Wikipedia doesn't actually practice zero-deviation culture, despite their publicly assigned role as the plastic–pocket-protector paragon of geek dysfunction.

No, instead what we have is this: if a source is broadly flagged as tainted, it becomes open season to replace this source with a better citation wherever and whenever, without expecting significant blow back.

Isn't that leadership enough?

Is the underlying zero-deviation fixation that motivates this story just a tired strawman? Or is this derf-derf strawman meme playing to a real audience?

Well, I personally would run, run, run if I found myself in that audience, because anyone who doesn't is doomed to be soon be looking up at India as the management enlightenment movement that just passed you by with a big whoosh.

Comment Re: My experience... (Score 2) 438

I don't see a problem with this. You want specific levels of error handling? Put it in the spec.

#include "no_abe_normal.h"

If you're not familiar with this convention (it appears you haven't been in this business long enough to hear the pathetic whimpers of Forma L. val d'Ation sequestered away from public shame in an attic antechamber), the "h" stands for "head".

Comment can you do the job? (Score 3, Insightful) 338

Republicans only care about money. Can you do the job? Good. Get to work.

Cutting red tape to ribbons is an intrinsically easier job than building up effective layers of regulation that prevent the public interest being bent over a barrel, while the longest of all possible rubber gloves rummages around for the better part of a trillion dollars.

Evidently, no money was harmed in the operation.

The job, as I see it, is a little harder to accomplish, once you concede that there is such a thing as effective regulation, though it's yet far from a science; science also being a discipline where time after time ones best efforts fall short, and yet one perseveres.

In the best case scenario, even after regulation becomes more of science, it will still be double hard: hard to do and hard on the ego.

Kind of makes a guy want to double down on only caring about money, setting oneself up on a lavish private beach, and watching the glorious Egos soar.

Comment Re:The price of "freedom" (Score 3, Insightful) 132

Drunken sex is not necessarily rape. Drunk people are accountable for their decision to drive a motor vehicle and are frequently accountable for their choice whether to have sex.

Personally I prefer to avoid drunk women. They're just not attractive - unless I'm very drunk myself, in which case they're legally obliged not to rape me.

Comment Re:as usual, title and summary incorrect (Score 1) 132

Various revenge pornography laws deny the right to distribute images of a particular nature.

I suspect a model release form would suffice, but good luck getting an ex (or colleague that didn't even know you'd taken the pictures) to sign one of those.

Could get interesting if the subject tries to revoke a release form. No idea what happens there. Lawyers get richer, is my guess.

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