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Comment Re:Your call (Score 2) 244

I'll say it again; if you are selling your songs and expecting a profit, you are WRONG!
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting some different outcome is fill in the blank.
Forget the damn industry. If you operate within the bounds of the industry business model you are and will be f**ked.
Operate on a level playing field with the internet and replace the industry model.
1. Give your music away, it's the best way to stay in peoples minds and on their players. Obviously jingle writers can't but that's a direct market with fewer middlemen. Not music anyway, it's jingles.
2. Sell your performances. Book the hell out of yourself, play where it pays.
All this is very basic and I have a much more detailed outline on how to be a musician, make money, spread your fame and help kill the music industry.
We really DON'T need middlemen to choose the music we hear, promote random artists in spite of lack of talent, create a model that excludes non-signed artists, legislate our freedoms away, tie up our courts and attack people for sharing music which has no business being copyrighted to begin with.
Be your own "music industry", spread the work between band, friends and family.
Forget what you know, we make the future.

Comment Re:Wrong question (Score 1) 56

"Why" is seldom a helpful modifier with which to begin an interrogatory . It only deals with motives. It invites only speculation or lies , dependent on circumstance.
It would be easier to simplify that there was merely a "need", be it for competition, be it from different gravity, be it for, fill in the blank.
Unless one is privy to the cirumstances in realtime as a witness, "why" is only a guess and has no real place in science.
Far more profitable are; who, where, when, how and what, producing a trove of data, once satisfied.

Comment Re:I just flip the bottle upside down (Score 3, Interesting) 292

Unless, of course, this coating is something we don't want in our dumps . What happens when hydrophobic crap hits the water table? How does it affect the breakdown of garbage back into the environment? Does it solve the problem of plastic leeching estrogen-like chains into food or make it worse? What if it gets into food?

          If it is safe however, I propose a protective coating for building foundations, basements and roofs. Include it in paint. Line gasoline tanks. Plenty of places in the world that water isn't welcome.


Leak Shows US Lead Opponent of ACTA Transparency 164

An anonymous reader writes "Throughout the debate over ACTA transparency, the secret copyright treaty, many countries have taken public positions that they support release of the actual text, but that other countries do not. Since full transparency requires consensus of all the ACTA partners, the text simply can't be released until everyone is in agreement. A new leak from the Netherlands fingers who the chief opponents of transparency are: the United States, South Korea, Singapore, and Denmark lead the way, with Belgium, Germany, and Portugal not far behind as problem countries."

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