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Submission + - Shortage of NAND Flash Memory to Affect Intel SSD Availability (

fl!ptop writes: Peter K. Hazen, Intel's director of SSD Marketing has sent letters to wholesalers indicating they expect to ship twice the number of SSD drives in 2013 as they did in 2012, but it won't be enough to meet customer demand:

Even in the first half of this year, we expect to ship more than 2x the units in Q1 and Q2 than the same quarters last year, but it is not enough to meet our aggregate customer demand...This will also mean we will not necessarily be doubling output on every product line, but will focus output on the datacenter and professional client product lines to help satisfy demand on products that our customers have designed in, and will reduce the volume on products for segments that are more transactional in nature.

The NAND shortage came to light last year after companies like OCZ reported lower expected revenues due do insufficient supply. Price increases are imminent.


Submission + - Mitt Romney chooses Paul Ryan as VP Runningmate

fl!ptop writes: At 7:04 this morning, the GOP candidate's campaign tweeted: "Mitt's choice for VP is Paul Ryan". The official announcement is scheduled for 9:05 am in Virginia at the USS Wisconsin which is, maybe not ironically, the state that Ryan represents in Congress. Does the choice of a very fiscally conservative running mate signal that Mitt is committed to fixing the U.S. economy, or is Ryan a bad choice because he seems to
have more brains than political sense?

Submission + - End of the line for Spamcop?

fl!ptop writes: Since about the middle of June, spam reporting tool Spamcop has been under what appears to be a very well coordinated and executed DDoS attack. As a paying member of many years, I've been experiencing unusually long delays, 404's, proxy errors, gateway timeouts, and other strange errors when trying to submit spam reports. There is a very long thread in the 'general' forum discussing the issue. Like some of the commentators, I'm wondering how a company with resources like Cisco (owner of Spamcop) could let this problem persist for so long. Admin posts to the discussion thread keep indicating the problem is fixed, there's a big backlog, it should be working, etc. but that's not the case from my point of view (and may others). Could it be because Cisco doesn't care about the service anymore and are not giving it their full attention? Is this the beginning of the end for Spamcop?

Submission + - U.S. Senator Robert Byrd dies at age 92

fl!ptop writes: West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd died early Monday morning after being hospitalized last week with what was thought to be heat exhaustion. Byrd was the longest serving senator in U.S. history, having been first elected to office in 1958 and serving continuously since then. Byrd's life and political career weren't without controversy; he was a member of the KKK in his 20's, and was labeled "The Prince of Pork" by taxpayer groups, a label he wore as a badge of honor. Early speculation is that WV Governor Joe Manchin will appoint a "placeholder" to the seat, effectively keeping it warm until he can run for it himself in November. WV law prohibits the governor from appointing himself to the seat, but there is nothing stopping Manchin from resigning and having Lt. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin appoint him.

Submission + - Sensitive data missing from National Archives

fl!ptop writes: AP reported today that the National Archives has lost a computer hard drive that contained 'massive amounts of sensitive data from the Clinton administration, including Social Security numbers, addresses, and Secret Service and White House operating procedures.' The drive contained 1TB of info and went missing from the Archives facility in College Park, MD. Sensitive data about one of former VP Al Gore's daughters was reportedly on the drive. From TFA:

The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation of the matter, according to Rep. Edolphus Towns, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Towns and the committee's senior Republican, Rep. Darrell Issa of California, said they would continue to seek more information.

The lawmakers said they learned of the loss from committee aides after the staff was briefed by the inspector general of the National Archives and Records Administration. There was no indication that anyone has been victimized, aides said.


Submission + - Best Western downplays data breach

fl!ptop writes: Only 4 days after reports that it lost details on millions of customers, Best Western downplayed the breach, insisting that no more than a dozen records were compromised:

According to Best Western spokeswoman Marie Yarroll, the number of compromised customer records, according to the current analysis and investigation, appears to be only 10 and not more than a dozen. "We are currently contacting those customers and offering assistance as needed."

Glasgow Sunday Herald writer Iain Bruce, who broke the story, claims to have screen shots of the Best Western data breach and stands by his story, saying, "It's a shame that BW [Best Western] [isn't] more worried about the breach than attacking me."


Submission + - Asus and Intel challenge OLPC with Eee PC (

fl!ptop writes: "George Ou at ZDNet says, "The user interface of the OLPC doesn't even feel worth of a cheap fisher price toy" but raves about a new Asus/Intel super cheap UMPC. "The ASUS Eee computer will cost a mere $199 for the 7" LCD model whereas the so-called $100 OLPC costs $175. Given the fact that Eee can run Linux or Windows XP and it can boot off NAND flash memory in a mere 15 seconds, the Eee slaughters the OLPC with ease." C|Net has some more information on the Eee PC when it was introduced at Computex last month in Taiwan."

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