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Comment I bought counterfeit Gameboy Advanced Games there (Score 1) 64

I've bought them on Amazon too. I was hoping for a used copy but got a knock-off instead - worked great, the cases are a bit brittle and don't last in a backpack like the real ones do.

I never intentionally bought them counterfeit. I approve of this "certified real" program, but I'm guessing the certified as real guys are still going to be a little higher priced in the end. It's worth it to me.

Comment Re:And I still don't get it. (Score 1) 180

Did I mention I rip my movies too? Kodi is awesome, I can play those back on my phone (at home) my PS3, my desktop, the TV it's plugged into.....

Not exactly the same deal - I do use Netflix (and to a lesser degree Amazon etc...).

The difference is with Netflix I plop my butt on the couch at home and watch something with a mostly (but my ISP still sucks a little) dependable wired connection to the Netflix servers.

On the music side of things I'm in the car, at my desk at work, on my bicycle. When I'm using my phone to stream and I'm not tethered to WiFi I have to pay $10 a GB. Sure I can put my hopes into the generosity of every place I want to listen to music being generous with WiFi, many places have it, I just have to count on them having reasonable back haul that isn't over saturated, getting a password, and that their router doesn't suck unlike that one restaurant I used to eat at that kept it in the kitchen visible on top of a warming rack so it needed rebooting every hour or two due to overheating.

No - not the same thing at all. I am the I.T. guy. When I can't get on WiFi away from home or work I usually can't bitch at anyone else and really expect results. On the other hand if it's at a relatives or in-laws house I'm usually welcome to upgrade them.

It's a matter of mindset and responsibility. When you carry your own music you're saying "I've got this", when you stream music outside of your own domain you're saying "serve me".

Comment And I still don't get it. (Score 1) 180

Maybe it's my work, etc... History but I just can't comprehend the streaming obsession. I'm a sysadmin, and nearly every damned user I have is on Spotify constantly. My wife is on Pandora constantly.

I have a pile of a couple of hundred CD's I've bought over the years I've turned into Oggs and I have digital albums I've bought online and put on my phone, my desktop at home, my desktop at works and everywhere I want my music.

My music works when the Internet is out (which is part of the history I spoke of, I've lived in a seaside shack that lost DSL every time it rained in the past. My music works when I driving in the middle of New Mexico where the FM auto seek just goes in circles and I have 0 bars. My music worked when I worked at the Johnson Space Center in a building that was intentionally shielded in a huge Faraday cage literally built into the outer wall during the cold war to keep Soviet bugs from broadcasting.

I had at least one user who bitched every time time Spotify quit working. I have users that will bitch to upper management if stuff like that doesn't work often enough upper management will tell us to fix it even though it's not company software, not officially authorized to be installed, and has zero to do with getting the job done.

There is nothing preventing these users from bringing music in on their phones and playing it at their desk, nor is there a policy or security apparatus that keeps them from copying a huge load of music files onto their machines.

Why would you leave your music - especially when it's these people who obviously care about it enough to bitch to management - to the whims of bandwidth when you can have it on your own storage that will work even when the powers out as long as your battery holds up?

Comment Re: Aaannd they're off (Score 1) 511

I learned on a library PC.

Fortunately being a small town there was a computer at the library but no one who actually knew how to manage the thing back in the mid 90's. I screwed that thing up and fixed more times than I can count messing with DOS and Windows 3.1 on it. It's how I dug myself out of the shit-hole town and launched myself into the computer field when I couldn't even afford an out of date used computer in that isolated desert shit-hole.

Don't knock the library!

Comment Re: Aaannd they're off (Score 1) 511

You know I'm a Libertarian with an actual elected position right?

I was sort of a libertarian leaning conservative, but a bit wishy washy until I became the victim of sexist courts and punitive sentencing for non-criminal conflict resolution, after that people who say crap like you just did I both pitty and see as the enemy.

Comment Re:Aaannd they're off (Score 1) 511

I've never bothered to actually get a dedicated tv.

You sound young.

First of all - I have a wife and kids, I have a hard enough time using my own computer as it is, I have to target times when they're less likely to be around demanding my full attention - which is pretty much any time anyone plus me is home - except for my oldest who can fend for herself. (the wife and toddler both want lots of attention)

Second - I do have a nice 27" 2560x1440 monitor, and I have watched high def content on it. Were it the only screen in the house I would have a hard time taking either Cookie Monster from my toddler or the Gilmore girls from my wife to reply on Slashdot, I get the stink eye for not not focusing attention on them for any amount of time as it is.

I'm Gen-X, I'm guessing anyone Gen-Y or older probably has a TV that predated the easy to do everything on one screen era, which didn't truly start until the introduction of HDMI in 2006. Sure, I hooked a TV into an ATI Rage card back in 1997 and I built my first MythTV system back in 2003 using a Haphaug card.

If I were 22 and living in my parents basement there's a pretty good chance I wouldn't bother with a TV either. Really - my plans for an office is to get ~50" 4K TV, mount to a wall over a desk, put a couch against the opposite wall. That way I'll have a good gaming setup and a good computer monitor in my own space, but I'll still going to have something else in the living room - you know, because I don't want to rule over my family on a throne while they live like servants.

As for game consoles - I go back a ways. Sure I'm emulating a bunch of old consoles, and I guess I could part with any console that has a good enough emulator, and probably should, I just have a hard time actually doing it.

Comment Re:Aaannd they're off (Score 1, Interesting) 511

You can get a hot-air popper for less than $20 that will last for years.

I don't care if you buy store brand or 'expensive" kernels you get a LOT more popcorn per dollar, with less chance of burning the popcorn (which smells horrible BTW).

Also - I don't even have a microwave and sort of prefer it that way.

If you eat "one bag" of popcorn per day you'll break even within a month and have save a lot by the end of a year.

I'm poor. I still have a CRT TV, my latest game console is a used PS3.

You sir, are an idiot.

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