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Journal fl!ptop's Journal: Weight-loss (Acai Fruit) spam fills the Inbox today

It's funny how you can kind of tell, just by looking at your spam, what the botnets sending it are up to. Instead of the usual Nigerian scam emails, this morning I had more spams with subject headings like "Solution for Your weight problem!!!" and "Acai for fitness and better health!" So I guess the botnets have sold some bandwidth to those hawking acai fruit. A Scroogle search on the terms 'acai power fruit' turns up hundreds of links to buying this wonder fruit in berry form, capsule form, even freeze-dried fruit powder. Hey assholes, my current BMI is 25, so I don't need to lose any weight! Think that'll dissuade them?

All of the spams had email addresses, instead of links to Web pages, for more information. The list of email addresses were all gmail accounts. Remember when you had to be invited by a current gmail member to get a gmail account? Ah, the old days...I wonder how long it takes Google to be alerted to these idiots and shut down the accounts. Spamcop didn't parse out the email addresses from the messages, and none were sent via Google's SMTP servers, so they sure won't be alerted via me.

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Weight-loss (Acai Fruit) spam fills the Inbox today

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