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Comment Re: Roads belong underground (Score 1) 184

The problem with LA is that mass transit can't work. As cars became more prevelant, there became more sprawl, and mass transit simply couldn't work.

If you take Manhattan as an example, it has under 60km^2 of land and, let's say, 240 subway stops, or 4 stops per km^2 of land. Plus it has major business districts (think "downtown") where millions of people work.

Los Angeles has over 1200km^2 of land, requiring about 5,000 subway stops to have the same density. It's hard to imagine how LA could have an equivalent quality of service to Manhattan while having to be 20x the size.


Counterpoint: Melbourne in Australia has 9,990km^2 of land, and there's very few places you can't get to by public transport. Granted, this includes trains (a few stops are underground, most above ground), trams and buses.

See: https://upload.wikimedia.org/w...

Submission + - The Darker Side of Encryption (cso.com.au)

River Tam writes: If every exchange or communication of data on the web was encrypted, would it make our virtual world a more secure place in Australia? A report by PwC found Australia had the highest number of cyber security incidents in the previous 12 months amounting to 9434, more than double the previous year.

Submission + - Could Less Gassy Livestock Be a Cash Cow? (bloomberg.com)

schwit1 writes: The hamburgers and cheese that come from U.S. cattle may be favorite fare at many summer cookouts, but the methane the same cows produce is significantly less appetizing.

That's especially the case for sustainable investors looking for a low-emission place to park their cash. "Enteric fermentation," or livestock's digestive process, accounts for 22 percent of all U.S. methane emissions, and the manure they produce makes up 8 percent more, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Adding some Beano to their diet won't cut it?

Submission + - Clean-Burning 'Blue Whirl' Could Help Clean Oil Spills (sciencenews.org)

An anonymous reader writes: An unfortunate mix of electricity and bourbon has led to a new discovery. After lightning hit a Jim Beam warehouse in 2003, a nearby lake was set ablaze when the distilled spirit spilled into the water and ignited. Spiraling tornadoes of fire leapt from the surface. In a laboratory experiment inspired by the conflagration, a team of researchers produced a new, efficiently burning fire tornado, which they named a blue whirl. To re-create the bourbon-fire conditions, the researchers, led by Elaine Oran of the University of Maryland in College Park, ignited liquid fuel floating on a bath of water. They surrounded the blaze with a cylindrical structure that funneled air into the flame to create a vortex with a height of about 60 centimeters. Eventually, the chaotic fire whirl calmed into a blue, cone-shaped flame just a few centimeters tall, the scientists report online August 4 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The soot-free blur whirls could be a way of burning off oil spills on water without adding much pollution to the air, the researchers say, if they can find a way to control them in the wild.

Submission + - The End For Win 7/8 Users Is Near (forbes.com)

JustAnotherOldGuy writes: Microsoft’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Nathan Mercer just announced that, “From October 2016 onwards, Windows will release a single Monthly Rollup that addresses both security issues and reliability issues in a single update. The Monthly Rollup will be published to Windows Update (WU), WSUS, SCCM, and the Microsoft Update Catalog. Each month’s rollup will supersede the previous month’s rollup, so there will always be only one update required for your Windows PCs to get current." What this means is that individual patches will no longer be available after October 2016, and Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will now only have two choices: stop updating completely and leave your computers vulnerable to security holes, or accept everything single thing Microsoft sends you whether you want it or not. No word on whether this will include forced installs of Win 10 on existing Win 7/8 PCs.

Submission + - Time to listen to the ice scientists about the Arctic death spiral (theguardian.com)

mspohr writes: The Arctic’s ice is disappearing. We must reduce emissions, fast, or the human castastrophe predicted by ocean scientist Peter Wadhams will become reality.
"When in 1970 he joined the first of what would be more than 50 polar expeditions, the Arctic sea ice covered around 8m sq km at its September minimum. Today, it hovers at around 3.4m, and is declining by 13% a decade. In 30 years Wadhams has seen the Arctic ice thin by 40%, the world change colour at its top and bottom and the ice disappear in front of his eyes.

In a new book, published just as July 2016 is confirmed by Nasa as the hottest month ever recorded, this most experienced and rational scientist states what so many other researchers privately fear but cannot publicly say – that the Arctic is approaching a death spiral which may see the entire remaining summer ice cover collapse in the near future."

Submission + - Net neutrality advocates have concerns about T-Mobile's new unlimited data plan (dailydot.com)

AJ Dellinger writes: T-Mobile announced on Thursday that it would do away with tiered data plans and instead offer unlimited data to new customers. However, much like T-Mobiles Music Freedom and Binge On services, the plan comes with some exceptions that have called into question the mobile carrier's commitment to net neutrality.

Submission + - MIT Media Lab-Sponsored VR/AR Hackathon Coming This October (uploadvr.com)

An anonymous reader writes: I registered for this hackathon because MIT wants people to build new types of apps, not just games and entertainment.

From the website: The Reality, Virtually, Hackathon brings together the brightest interdisciplinary minds to explore the application of virtual reality and augmented reality to create new applications. VR and AR has blossomed with games and 360-degree video and now is pushing into new fields.

Submission + - Every Month This Year Has Been the Hottest in Recorded History (vice.com)

iONiUM writes: From the article:

On Wednesday, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that July was the hottest month ever recorded on our planet, since modern record-keeping began in 1880. NASA has reached the same conclusion. July smashed all previous records.

“We should be absolutely concerned,” Sanchez-Lugo said. “We need to look at ways to adapt and mitigate. If we don’t, temperatures will continue to increase.”

Next year is expected to be slightly less intense, with the fierce El Niño we’ve been experiencing now abating. But the truth is that record-breaking temperatures, month after month, year after year, are starting to look less like an exception, more like the norm.

Submission + - The emotional side of the H-1B visa program explained (computerworld.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The vast majority of people who work in IT did everything right: They invested in their education, studied difficult subjects, kept their skills updated. They own homes, raise families and look to the future. But no job is safe, no future entirely secure — something IT workers know more than most. Given their role, they are most often the change agents, the people who deploy technologies and bring in automation that can turn workplaces upside down. To survive, they count on being smart, self-reliant and one step ahead. Over the years, Computerworld reporter Patrick Thibodeau has interviewed scores of IT workers who trained their visa-holding replacements. Though details each time may differ, they all tell the same basic story. There are many issues around high-skilled immigration, but to grasp the issue fully you need to understand how the H-1B program can affect American workers.

Submission + - Compromising Linux Virtual Machines Via FFS Rowhammer Attack (helpnetsecurity.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A group of Dutch researchers have demonstrated a variant of the Rowhammer attack that can be used to successfully compromise Linux virtual machines on cloud servers. The Flip Feng Shui (FFS) attack is not performed by triggering a software vulnerability. Instead, it relies on exploiting the widespread Rowhammer DRAM glitch to induce bit flips in controlled physical memory pages, and the Linux’ memory deduplication system.

Comment Re:OMG, another season of Trailer Park Boys? (Score 1) 137

There actually is a new season (or two?) planned, as well as a new movie due out in April

In October 2012, Barrie Dunn officially announced a third Trailer Park Boys film. Filming began in March 2013 and ended in late April. The film is set to be released in Canadian theaters on April 18th, 2014.

On July 4, 2013, it was announced that Tremblay, Wells and Smith acquired the rights to Trailer Park Boys and confirmed it would return with an eighth season. It may not air on television, but on their website, SwearNet.com. Principal production took place from July-September 2013, back on location in an existing mobile home community in Truro, Nova Scotia.

In late September 2013, Mike Smith announced on the SwearNet Facebook page that the cast and crew had also returned to the location in September to shoot content for two new specials, that Season 9 had been "rough cut" into ten episodes, and that SwearNet was seeking network deals in addition to its plans to webcast the new material.

On December 27th 2013, Smith confirmed on Twitter that a ninth season will go into production in Spring 2014.

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