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Submission + - $10m Optus SOC a standout as local security players partner, acquire for growth (

River Tam writes: Australia’s information-security industry continues to change rapidly as winners – and losers – stake their claims on a series of partnerships and investments with local implications.

Optus Business led the headlines with the $10 million investment that led to this week’s opening of an Advanced Security Operations Centre (ASOC).

Submission + - Yahoo confirms gigantic breach: 500m users affected (

River Tam writes: As expected, Yahoo has confirmed it faced a gigantic breach and has finally recommended users change their passwords.

If you have an account with Yahoo and haven’t changed your password since 2014, now is the time to do it. The company confirmed today a copy of sensitive user account information was stolen from its network in “late 2014” and suspects the attacker was a state-sponsored actor.

Submission + - Telstra's curious approach to the cyber skills shortage (

River Tam writes: ustralia has developed a reputation for its lack of cyber security skills but Telstra says you can find the talent if you’re prepared to look in unexpected places.

Telstra’s chief information security officer Mike Burgess said that some of the best available cyber security analysts needn’t necessarily come from traditional science and engineering backgrounds. He said while that those skills were still highly valued by the Telstra, highly inquisitive individuals from other disciplines could be just as valuable

Submission + - Google kicks off Chrome plan to mark all HTTP pages as "Not secure" (

River Tam writes: From January, Google’s Chrome browser will start telling its one billion users that pages on an unencrypted HTTP connection are not secure.

The initial phase will begin with Chrome 56 (the current version is 53), which will display a “Not secure” marker before the URL in the browser bar if a login or payment page isn’t using an HTTPS connection. The first phase sets a fairly low bar since any page used to transmit credentials or credit cards should already be using an encrypted connection.

Submission + - Krebs warns of cyber criminal mind shift (

River Tam writes: Renowned investigative journalist Brian Krebs of Krebs on Security warns that cyber criminals are changing tact in how they go about their work and seek gains for their exploits.

Submission + - FBI Perspective On the Status and Evolution of Global Cybercrime (

River Tam writes: With a long history in working against cybercrime in the United States, working at the FBI with other US and international agencies, Timothy Wallach has seen almost everything when it comes to global cybercrime. He spoke at this year's Trend Micro CLOUDSEC event in Sydney.

Submission + - Australian targets figure highly in latest wave of ransomware attacks (

River Tam writes: Ransomware perpetrators have stepped up their targeting of Australia with campaigns built around ransomware-laced messages purportedly from police and postal authorities, security firm ESET has reported as industry figures suggest the rising tide of ransomware attacks against Australian targets is showing no signs of abating.

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