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Comment Models are simply way too primitive.. (Score 1) 277

Computers cannot have human like AI until they can construct accurate internal models of the world where they can stimulate (plan) different actions and their results successfully. And this is herculean task - modern computers still struggle even with basic signal processing tasks - it will take hundreds of years before they can inteprete and understand what they see and hear (and this requires partially working model of the real world in order to put things into proper contexts etc). Even for humans it takes several years for child to develop this level of intelligence.

Currently computers are still extremely primitive. They can just simulate internal model of themselves (virtual machines) which they could the use to plan how to repair or modify themselves [use AI and machine learning to try different actions and observe the changes in VM environment] - or use probability and statistical models to learn correlations and causalities in preprocessed datasets but everything else is beyond them.

Comment Bullshit.. (Score 1) 248

Robots can use probabilistic models how different actions change the world and can then make non-deterministic actions (bayesian and other probability models) by choosing the response randomly from the probable good actions (and there is no one good solution to many problems).

This is how evolution works. Humans decide probabilistically how to react to the same stimulus and those that survive will then propagate those (best) probabilistic decision models to the offspring.

Comment Re:Surveillance (Score 1) 212

The amount of surveillance that is happening in internet is probably massive. All information in internet that passes through USA borders is captured by NSA to begin with and this is probably just the tip of the iceberg (echelon..).

It is likely that many big governments are doing large scale surveillance in internet and collecting data about individual's actions and the global state of the mind through internet (analysing forums, conversations, maybe emails in order to follow patterns in mental state of the population). It is interesting that most of the data traffic in internet is still unencrypted - probably because people in power want it that way.

Comment Shame.. (Score 1) 299

LucasArts and LucasFilm was the best entertrainment when I was young: Indiana Jones films and games (Indiana Jones and fate of Atlantis), Monkey Island, TIE Fighter etc.

But they really kind of "died" after late 1990s. The new Star Wars and Indiana Jones films/games just didn't have the quality of the old times (or maybe I just became old).

Submission + - Finnish Computer Store Publishes Return Rates of All Products (

jones_supa writes: The Finnish computer hardware juggernaut is heading towards transparency regarding its product information. The store has published over 13 000 uncensored product reviews, with the average score being 4.2 stars. In addition to reviews, the store has now revealed the service and return percentages of each product. Throughout a recent data analysis phase of six months, the most returned product was the Eizo FlexScan S1902SH-BK display, with the most serviced one being the MSI Z68A-GD65 motherboard. The brands with the lowest return rate were Kensington, Blackstorm, Elinchrom and Gardena. Looking at the user reviews, the queen position is held by The Cloud Nine Iron hair iron, while other top brands are Samsung, Apple and Electrolux. 'As far as I know, no other retailer is as open about its products,' says the service chief Mikko Dunderfelt.

Comment Too complicated for most coders.. (Score 1) 736

In order to have an accurate progress bar, one should be able to predict how long time the overall process will take and this can be very complicated or totally impossible to predict. Additionally, most software is quite badly coded and based on simple boolean control-logic and more sophisticated techniques [complex mathematical algorithms] are not routinely developed or used. How I would do it:

Run test code to test operation speeds and create and use mathematical model (black box solutions like neural networks could be fine here) to predict correct progress. Create learning dataset [for neural network] running the algorithm in different computers. Similarly, measure real progress and time use in the same machine so that the next time progress bar is needed it is more accurate.

In other words, creating accurate progress bars just makes very simple problem very complex and difficult and there are typically much more important things to do (most software has bugs - some very serious) than trying to get progress bars work 100% correctly.

Still, significant improvement could be made if somebody just created generic, self-learning progress bar class that would get more accurate the more often it is being used [the coder would just call new bar("problem-code"), bar.start(), bar.progress(0.75), bar.finish() and the algorithm would self-learn how much real progress 75% typically means for this specific problem with given machine specs (cpuid etc)].

Comment Re:Middle Initial (Score 1) 383

In a university where I studied, students and normal personel got username@domain.tld style email addresses as a default. One then needed to specially apply for first.last@domain.tld like addresses. If there were conflicts, first.middle.last@domain.tld email addresses were used. Rest of the cases were handled as special cases.

Comment Re:At least one has merit... (Score 0) 97

Yes, machine learning, data analysis, probabilistic processing and (causal) learning from data is where the future is. The basic programming and binary logic is still important but not be able to create real AI-like solutions. Still, the capabilities of hardware are very important too, as serious number crunching requires lots of processing power (unlike "normal" programs): distributed monte carlo sampling from complex probability models using 1024 threads and CPU-cores + TBs of memory is easily required to handle more complex models. Binary logic works somehow as a crude approximation in high dimensional spaces where most of the data is near edges (hypercube with side length 1 has volume V=1^D = 1, but if you take just 5% away from each edge, the center (values between 0 and 1) has only volume V = 1 - 0.9^D which is close to zero in high dimensional spaces. Bayesian inference is required to properly handle uncertainly better once the dimensionality of the problem is properly reduced using "boolean"-like methods etc.

But basic MCMC and bayesian inference starts to be somewhat outdated afaik and there are smarter methods. Smart mathematical (semiprobabilistic) algorithms and scientific computing rule the future of computing.

Comment Why is this a scam? (Score 1) 457

If you can find somebody else to do the job for a cheaper rate then it is alright and you can make profit.

That's how to the economy/companies work.

+ It is just ridiculous if you make work contract that you should actually work, all that matter is the results. There is no scam if the other part of the contract gets the results he or she wants.

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