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Comment Re:$399 per month (Score 1) 67

In ten years? I've had my Ford for 4 years and I've only opened the hood for adding windshield wiper fluid. The air pressure (and a bunch of other things) is checked at the dealer's where I drive it to get the tyres replaced twice a year (in November they take the summer tyres off, put them in storage and bolt on the winter tyres on, vice versa in May).

Comment Re:Unarmed ships are helpless. (Score 3, Insightful) 104

Get Gatling guns on one ship, the next pirate crew will show up with an RPG. If I was a sailor on one of those ships, there would be no chance in frozen hell I would fire back on a pirate to protect some rich dude's shit on board that's probably insured anyway. You can be as gun-ho about this as you want from your armchair, I'm throwing my hands in the air and letting the pirates go with the cargo.

Comment Re:Why do they fail though? (Score 1) 151

As another already commented, the devil is in the details. He briefly mentioned longevity, but I'd like to elaborate on that. Some materials, like silicon, can carry 4 times tge charge of regular batteries, but they tend to swell when they take up the charge and shrink when they lose it. Apart from the mechanical problems, this is a major limitation of the amount of cycles that the battery can withstand. After a few cycles the material is so worn that you lose all the benefits. A material may look so awesome on paper or in the lab so that it causes press releases and hype, but all that vanishes the closer you get to production.

Also, it's hard to get a "perfect" material that can cary more charge, for longer time, last more cycles, is cheap, non-toxic, non-explosive or a fire hazard, does not overheat, compact (in terms of weight and/or volume), easy to process and manufacture into an actual battery... you see where this is going... Everyone's looking for this elusive material, and everyone wants to show they are making progress in order to raise more research funds, thus the press releases and the stirr.

Comment Re:they should stop calling them smartphones (Score 1) 198

For what is worth, movies are not shot in one go (except Russian Ark), but are composed out of several "takes". This is an axample where a technical limitation will actually teach you better cinematography skills. But then again you wouldn't be using your phone for shooting a movie. Unless you are recording your kid's shool play, in which case you should go out and buy a camcorder already.

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