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Comment Re:Independent contractor? (Score 1) 126

In some countries, like Canada any kind of contract relationship that looks too much like an employer-employee relationship can be deemed as such, and there have been companies nailed very hard if they're determined to be an employer; particular when it comes to various payroll taxes or violating maximum weekly hours.

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 4, Insightful) 411

It will certainly be screwed if it keeps allowing corporate interests to arguing away the taxes they should be paying.

I'm genuinely concerned that events like Brexit and the Trump victory are the opening shots in some sort of modern day French revolution. The aristocrats of our age are as detached from reality as the French aristocrats were, and as unwilling to accept the responsibilities that come with vast accrual of wealth. They are creating a dangerously unstable situation, and when the Trumps of the world prove as incapable or unwilling to rebalance economic and social issues, then we may be facing a far less savory group of revolutionaries. And, as the French Revolution so ably demonstrated, even wealth isnt an absolute shield.

Comment Re: Don't worry (Score 4, Insightful) 411

Exactly right. Far too many businesses, including big monster corporations like Walmart, essentially rely upon taxpayer-funded social safety nets to basically be their benefit and wage fallback system. They may claim they're paying what the market will bear, but what they're really doing is underwriting their own profits at the expense of taxpayers.

Comment Re:Tough shit (Score 2) 411

Even brilliant people can find themselves out of work, and become prey for pretty predatory companies happy to take advantage of them. I've worked in the employment industry for many years and see even some pretty highly skilled people stuck in shit-ass jobs because they can't afford to move.

That is why most jurisdictions have it least some basic level of worker protection, and why no one seriously contemplates turning the industrialized world into a Libertarian fantasy land.

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 500

Well, if it's any comfort, there are several Republican Senators asking the same question. But really, whether you trust Obama or not, he was elected by the same rules that will put Trump in the White House. In other words, he has the legitimate constitutional authority to order such an investigation. Your trust in it is irrelevant.

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