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Wireless (Apple)

Submission + - Find every Web App available for iPhone, easily (applejuicr.com)

filterban writes: "Today marks the public launch of AppleJuicr, a web application designed to make it easy to find and manage iPhone and iPod Touch web apps. It's UI is designed for Mobile Safari and low-bandwidth wireless connections.

It was created and is hosted on completely free software components, including iUI and Debian Linux. It is currently in beta and is undergoing constant development.

Disclaimer: I am the author of the application."

Feed Techdirt: French Court Tells Google To Do The Impossible: Stop People From Uploading Copyr (techdirt.com)

What do you do when the court orders you to do the impossible? The French High Court has apparently told Google that if someone alerts it to an unauthorized video being uploaded to Google video, not only does it need to take the video down, but it must prevent that same video from ever being uploaded again ever. It seems that some people still believe that this really is possible, but despite some companies claiming they offer filters that will block certain uploads, none have been shown to be all that effective. There's always some way to mask or change the content enough that these filters won't work. The question that comes up again, though, is why is this Google's responsibility? If there's liability, it should be on the person uploading the unauthorized content. If someone is clever enough to get around any filter, then why should Google have to pay for that?

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